Enhancements & Bug fixes between Build 70200 and 80000


  1. Support for MSSQL has been introduced.
  2. On demand actions are enhanced with long live TCP connections
  3. Automatic Synchronization of computers in the Active Directory and the SoM has been included to detect the deleted and newly added computers.
  4. Service startup issue in Distribution server has been fixed.
  5. Option to specify the DNS name along with the IP address of the Distribution Server while creating a remote office has been included.
  6. Moving Desktop Central installation from one computer to another has been made easy by providing details of the new computer in the user interface.
  7. IP Scope is introduced to automatically change the agents settings of a client computer from a remote office to the contact the correct Desktop Central Server.
  8. SoM page has been enhanced to include Agent installation, Uninstallation and Last Upgraded time .


  1. Images attached with the Help desk tickets raised from the Agent tray icons are made configurable.
  2. Windows 7 (X 86 and X 64)service pack 1 and windows 2008 R2(X64) service pack 1 are supported.
  3. Agent recreation with no change in agent properties issue has been fixed.
  4. Application error in dcconfig.exe during user logoff has been fixed.
  5. Issue in remote control service getting crashed while closing remote control session has been fixed.
  6. Blank screen issue while taking screen shots from agent tray icon has been fixed.


  1. Support for user environment variables in custom script is introduced.
  2. Show Deployment Progress and Skip Deployment Options are introduced in Install/Uninstall Software configuration.
  3. Configurations deployed to an OU or Active Directory will automatically be deployed to computers newly added in the OU or Active Directory.
  4. Options to exclude USB devices with Device Instance ID has been introduced.
  5. Options to exclude computers based on processors has been included.
  6. Options to save an existing configuration as new configuration has been included.
  7. Deploy Immediately has been included for Computer Configurations.
  8. Apply Always option has been included for Power Management, Shared Network Printers, File Folder Operations, Services, Firewall and Permission Management Configurations.
  9. File Folder Configuration is enhanced to copy files through HTTP across WAN.
  10. Automatic updates for Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave, Java and Microsoft Reboot notification can be disabled on selected computers.
  11. Install during start up issue has been fixed.
  12. Templates for Software, Patches and Service pack Deployment can now be saved and loaded with the deployment options like deployment time, Reboot policies etc.
  13. Issue in displaying the wrong execution status for Patch or Configuration which are not applicable to one or more computers has been fixed.
  14. Issue in Order of Deploying Configurations as a collection has been fixed.
  15. Issue in User configurations when multiple users login to a computer has been fixed.
  16. Issue in displaying the correct updated time in the execution status view of the configuration has been fixed
  17. Issue in applying configurations has been fixed.
  18. Issue in adding target computers/users from remote office whose name exceeds 50 characters has been fixed.

Patch Management

  1. Automated patch deployment has been enhanced to improve performance.
  2. In downloaded patches, All supported patches, and Latest Patch Views options are included to mark patches as Approved, Declined etc,
  3. Memory usage during patch deployment has been optimized.
  4. Option to download a patch again in download patch view has been added.
  5. Option to schedule an automatic patch deployment on a specific day of a week or a month is added.
  6. Issue in showing the managed computers in the scan systems and all the managed systems has been fixed.
  7. Issue in automatic patch deployment has been fixed
  8. Issue in showing wrong start time in the email notification of automated patch deployment has been fixed.
  9. Issue in patch deployment status a s reboot pending has been fixed.
  10. Issue in Patch download due to transaction timeout has been fixed.
  11. Issue in retrying automatic patch deployment task has been fixed.

Software Deployment

  1. HTTP Software repository location for packages in software deployment can be changed.
  2. Issue in deleting software installable from the client computers after software installation has been fixed.
  3. Issue in listing folders with special characters in the network browser has been fixed.

Inventory Management

  1. Software Metering feature is introduced to list the usage of selected applications.
  2. Inventory Alerts Notifications has been enhanced to customize the alert messages.
  3. Software License Management has been enhanced with the ability to include multiple licenses and to associate license with a resource.
  4. Automatic retrieval of warranty information for Lenovo, Dell, HP and Toshiba computers has been included.
  5. Disk usage report has been enhanced with Drive specific usage statics.
  6. Software metering has been optimized to address performance issues.
  7. Option to disable software metering has been included.
  8. A new report to list computers by services is introduced.
  9. SM Bois reported version details are included in Inventory, Computer hardware details.
  10. Issue in high memory usage in software metering has been fixed.
  11. Issue in fetching Microsoft Office 2010 product key has been fixed.
  12. Issue in modifying details of the software name containing '&' has been fixed.
  13. Issue in displaying the hard disk details of computers running non -English version of windows OS has been fixed.
  14. The warning on every logon for Prohibited software which are waiting for administrator's approval issue has been fixed.

Remote Control

  1. Video recording facility of the remote session has been introduced.
  2. Remote Control initiated computer's IP audit is introduced in Action Log Viewer.
  3. Administrator can configure the color quality of the Remote Connections to optimize the bandwidth.
  4. Support for viewing User Access Control dialogs of the remote computers has been included for Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS.
  5. History of remote connections established using Desktop Central with the duration of each sessions are introduced.
  6. Option to connect remotely in "View Only Mode" is introduced.
  7. Option to make User confirmation permanent has been included.
  8. Issue in connecting remote computer with multiple IP address has been fixed.
  9. Support for capturing/rendering transparent windows in remote control has been included.
  10. Issue in establishing remote connections from Inventory and Patch views has been fixed.
  11. Issue in talking remote control of Windows 2003 Server that has an active Remote Desktop Connection has been fixed.


  1. Scheduled report is a new feature that enables to receive, query reports, predefined reports and custom reports in specific formats at any specific time.
  2. Issue in sending test mail while creating a scheduled report has been fixed.
  3. Issue in showing a wrong time in User Logon history reports has been fixed.