Enhancements & Bug fixes between Build 80000 and 80100


  1. Support for managing Windows Server 2012 and computers running Windows 8 OS has been included
  2. Desktop Central Server migration settings have been enhanced to include support for migration when Server and Database runs on different computers
  3. Ability to define criteria-based custom group of computers has been included.
  4. Warning to notify low disk space on the Desktop Central Server has been included.
  5. You will now be able to include more devices types like Portable, Tower, All in Ones, etc., to your Dynamic Custom Group.
  6. Issue in initiating a remote connection as a Desktop Central user other than the default 'Admin' user has been fixed
  7. Issue in accepting special characters in Custom Group Name has been fixed
  8. Issue in MSSQL Database migration has been fixed.
  9. Issue in listing 'Dynamic Custom Reports' has been fixed.
  10. Issue in displaying contents of the network browser is fixed.
  11. Issue in displaying 'improper Column names' in random fields, has been fixed.

Scope of Management

  1. Support for managing Mac computers included.
  2. Option to automatically add/remove computers from SoM when a computer gets added/deleted from Active Directory has been included
  3. Option to automatically remove computers that do not contact the Desktop Central Server for specified number of days has been included
  4. Alert has been introduced to notify the sync failures in AD Sync.
  5. Issue in replicating the patches to the Distribution Server when checksum validation fails has been fixed.


  1. Option to auto-detect OU/Group changes and to apply the relevant configurations has been included.
  2. Message displayed in the Reboot Policy can be localized.
  3. Windows Storage Server Edition detection has been enabled.
  4. Issue in agent executable getting crashed when WMI is not enabled on the computer has been fixed.
  5. Issue in agent on-demand client component has been fixed.
  6. When a configuration is applied to multiple OU's with exclusion criteria for specific machine types, 'DCconfig Application Error' gets displayed in the target computers/users. This issue has been fixed.


  1. Six new Configurations templates have been added
  2. Custom script configuration now includes support for executing Power Shell scripts.
  3. Windows Services configuration will now support restarting a service.
  4. Issue in allowing access to USB devices from Device Manager when it has been disabled from Secure USB configuration has been fixed
  5. Issue in applying the File/Folder Configuration when the file/folder has a trailing space at the end has been fixed
  6. Issue in applying configurations to users/computers of a child domain has been fixed.
  7. Issue in getting updates from computers/users to which a configuration was not deployed has been fixed.
  8. Issue in displaying 'secure USB excluded device list' has been fixed.
  9. Issue in enabling overwrite option, while modifying 'File Folder Configuration' has been fixed.
  10. Issue in deploying configurations to all the computers when using dynamic custom group as a target, which has 'not equal' criteria defined within it, has been fixed.
  11. While creating "Install Fonts Configuration" from templates, issue in duplicate entries has been fixed
  12. Issue in resetting user profiles to default values in Folder Redirection configuration for OS versions Vista and above has been fixed.


  1. Auto-Uninstallation of Prohibited software now extends support to EXE based applications
  2. Automatic retrieval of warranty information has been enhanced with proper error handling and date detection logics.
  3. Inventory reports have been enhanced with 'Asset Tag' details.
  4. Issue in automatically uninstalling a prohibited software when the MSI is installed with "Just Me" privilege
  5. Issue in fetching the warranty details of a computer when Desktop Central Server connects to the internet via Proxy Server has been fixed.
  6. Issue in reporting multiple monitors' details has been fixed.
  7. Issue in showing duplicate monitor details when computers have multiple monitors has been fixed.
  8. Issue in fetching the Product Key of MS Visual Studio and Visual Studio 2010 has been fixed.
  9. "Prohibited software exclusion filter" issue has been fixed.
  10. The details of the user who request to use a prohibited software will also be sent along with the computer from where the request is initiated.
  11. Issue in fetching inventory details from Mac Mini and Mac Book Air has been fixed.

Patch Management

  1. Patch scanning has been optimized to reduce the scan timing.
  2. Office Patch Detection Mechanism is enhanced.
  3. Ability to download java patches automatically has been handled
  4. Reboot/shutdown option in the Reboot Policy creates a alert message for the end user after patch and software deployment stating that, the computer will be rebooted/shutdown in the specified time. Users can now postpone the Reboot/shutdown time by clicking on the drop down from the alert message box.
  5. Patch Scan Systems view will now show the date and time at which the computer was previously rebooted.
  6. Problem while creating APD has been fixed
  7. Issue in changing the owner of the APD task with the user who has modified it has been fixed.
  8. System Health policy and Configure Proxy view has been re-enabled under Patch settings

Software Deployment

  1. Script engines associated with the following script types will be associated automatically for executing the pre- and post-installation scripts in Software Deployment :.vb, .js, .jse, .exe, .bat, .vbe, .vbs, .wsf, .wsc, .wsh, .reg

Mobile Device Management

  1. Mobile Device Management capability has been included to manage mobile devices running iOS 4.0 and above


  1. Chat feature has been added
  2. Options to schedule Remote Shutdown, Wake On LAN, and Scheduled Report tasks on a specific day of the week has been included
  3. Duration of a remote connection is now represented in hh:mm:ss instead if minutes
  4. Remote Control will now include an additional column to show the last contact time.

Servicedesk Plus Integration

  1. Ability to add work log to a ServiceDesk Plus request from Remote Control has been included.
  2. Issue in accessing Endpoint Management functions from ServiceDesk Plus console when the domain of the ServiceDesk Plus user has changed is fixed.
  3. While creating a package using 'SDP - DC iframe console', issue in selecting the installables has been fixed.
  4. Issue in creating task for Deploying software from Service Desk plus has been fixed


  1. Issue in Query Report has been fixed.
  2. Issue in 'User Logon Report Settings' has been fixed.
  3. In user reports, displaying "0" in "Days to pwd expiry" issue has been fixed.
  4. Issue in showing the data for Query reports when the date column has null or zero values has been fixed.
  5. Issue in displaying negative values in "Days To PWD Expiry" field and wrong status in "Is PWD Expired" field has been fixed.