Every enterprise dreams of eliminating downtime. You can never imagine the risks involved when a critical server like Endpoint Central which manages all your computers fails. Though these are quite uncertain, planning to handle those risks makes business smarter. Endpoint Central now addresses your need to be pro-active than reactive, by introducing "Failover Server".

Failover server architecture

Failover server architecture setup – ManageEngine Endpoint Central

How failover server works ?

As the term refers, failover server brings in an additional server, which actively monitors the primary server and takes over the operations when the primary fails. You will have time to restore the failed one, without any risk from intruders, lack of productivity and more. For satisfying your RTO and RPO points to the greatest extent, it is required that you keep both servers live at all times. The time required for data replication from the primary to secondary server is approximately 2 minutes. After completion of replication, the new cycle starts exactly 2 minutes afterward. Thus, the entire replication process consumes approximately 5 minutes. The transition from primary to secondary server takes place based on the health detection. dB check (3 traces in 40 seconds) and HTTP detection (3 traces in 2 minutes) are used to determine the responsiveness of the server. Thus, in the event of the primary server going down abruptly, secondary server start-up will begin in 2 minutes and 40 seconds. However, if the ManageEngine's primary server is shut down manually, the secondary server server start-up will begin in 2 minutes. It is to be noted that 'primary' and 'secondary' are interchangeable terms. In the event of downtime, the health check causes a switch in the server. Once the server that was originally functioning as the primary server comes back online, it remains in standby mode as the secondary server. Also, all communications from the managed computers are directed through a virtual IP address, which means a change in the primary server does not impact the routine. This feature is available as an Add-on to Endpoint Central. 

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Want to try this feature ?

Ensure that you are in the build 10.0.54 or above, else upgrade: service packs.

To try it for free, from the product web console, navigate to Admin tab--> Failover server-->click 'Try Failover Server'

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