Endpoint Central - Summary vs Probe Server Comparison Matrix

ManageEngine's Endpoint Central presents a new way to manage an extensive number of endpoints. The two main components used are Endpoint Central's Summary Server and Endpoint Central's Probe Server which act in accordance with each other to bring your Endpoint Management dreams to life from a single, unified console. The table below provides a comparison of features available in both the essential components which operate in line with the Summary Server Architecture.

Feature Summary Server Probe Server
Scope Of Management
Domain Management YES YES
Agent Installation/Uninstallation NO YES
Remote Office Management NO YES
SoM Policy Settings NO YES
Agent Settings
General Agent Settings YES* YES*
Agent Tray icon settings YES YES^
Mac & Linux Agent Settings NO YES
IP scope configuration NO YES
Retry Agent installation settings NO YES
User Management
User Creation/Modification/Deletion YES YES^
User Role Creation/Modification/Deletion YES NO
Two Factor Authentication YES YES^
Password Policy YES YES^
Patch Management
Patch download and deployment(Automatic Patch Download, Test Group, Manual Deployment) NO YES
Patch DB Sync Settings YES YES^
Manual Patch DB Sync YES YES
System Health Policy YES YES^
Test and approve patches NO YES
Decline Patch NO YES
Deployment policy creation/modification/deletion NO YES
Patch Cleanup Settings NO YES
Predefined Patch Reports YES* YES
Inventory Management
Custom Field Views NO YES
Prohibit Software NO YES
Block executable NO YES
Asset & File Scans NO YES
Software Metering NO YES
Manage software license YES YES
Software grouping YES YES^
Manage software category YES YES^
Alert Configuration NO YES
Viewing Configurations/Templates/Scripts YES YES
Configuration Reports NO YES
Template Creation/Deletion NO YES
Configuration Deployment NO YES
Deployment policy creation NO YES
Configuration Settings NO YES
USB Audit & Alert Settings NO YES
Custom Script Creation NO YES
Software Deployment
Viewing packages and configurations YES YES
Install/Uninstall Software NO YES
Self Service Portal NO YES
Software Repository NO YES
Policy Creation/Modification NO YES
System Manager YES YES
Remote Shutdown NO YES
Announcement NO YES
System Tools NO YES
Remote Control
Remote Control Request YES YES
Remote Control session details YES YES
Remote Control Settings YES YES
Screen record during session YES YES
Predefined Reports YES* YES
Scheduled Reports YES* YES
Custom Reports NO YES
Query Reports YES YES
AD and User Logon Reports NO YES
Power Reports NO YES
USB Reports NO YES
Patch Reports YES* YES
Inventory Reports YES* YES
Credential Manager
Adding/Modifying/Deleting credentials YES^* YES^*
Security Settings
Secure Gateway Server YES YES^*
Security Settings YES YES*
Consent YES YES^
Data protection YES YES*
Import SSL Certificate YES^* YES^*
DPO Dashboard NO YES
Export Settings YES YES^
Server Settings
Server Settings YES YES*
Server Maintenance YES^* YES^*
SMS Server Settings YES YES
Proxy Settings YES^* YES^*
Mail Server Settings YES YES
Action Log Viewer YES^* YES^*
Alerts NO YES^*
Fail-over Server YES^* YES^*
Server Migration YES YES
Server Backup & Restore YES^* YES^*
NAT Settings YES^* YES^*
Remote DB Access YES^* YES^*
DB Optimization YES^* YES^*
MS SQL Migration YES^* YES^*
Viewing license and upgrading YES NO
Live Chat Support YES YES
Support file log upload YES YES
Add ons
OS Deployment NO YES
Mobile Device Management NO YES
Endpoint Security NO YES

The symbols listed in the table are explained with their corresponding meanings below.

  • *
    Partially Configurable
  • ^
    View Only
  • ^*
    Independently Configurable