Troubleshooting the Probe server

ManageEngine's Unified endpoint management Endpoint Central caters to an organization's IT management needs. It works in a client-server model. The Probe Servers deploy tasks to the agent that are managed under it's scope. Every 90 minutes (Agent refresh cycle), the Endpoint Central agent in the endpoints contacts the Probe Server for day-to-day management tasks. The HTTPS connection secures this connection.

The Probe Server contacts the Summary Server to provide a status update on tasks and management activities. Probe Servers are equipped with their own Secure Gateway Server and database to carry out patch deployment tasks. To ensure minimum downtime, the Probe Server is backed up by a Failover Server.

You may experience a downtime when one of the following happens:

  • If the Summary Server doesn't contain the Probe Server communication certificate
  • If the Probe Server is not reachable
  • If there is a version mismatch between Summary Server and Probe Server
  • If there is a mismatch between Summary Server and Probe Server API keys
  • Summary server takes a long time to reach the Probe Server.
  • If you are facing any other issue in addition to the above listed, contact our support at

When a particular Probe Server is down, it will be marked as shown in the image .

Endpoint Central Probe Server

In such scenarios, when the user tries to perform any function, the user will be notified with a popup message which shows the status of probe server along with a button that enables troubleshooting.

Endpoint Central Probe Server

If the user is a Summary Server admin or a Probe Server admin, he can troubleshoot by clicking that message. If the user accessing the console does not have the necessary privileges, he can only view the message.

To emphasize the importance of the probe server status, this message will be displayed under each module. If the problems could not be solved using the guidelines provided, you will be asked to contact Endpoint Central support with the probe server logs.