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Log management, auditing, and IT compliance
management made easy.

Collect, monitor, and analyze logs, and comply with regulatory mandates.

EventLog Analyzer is trusted by over
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Log management and beyond

  • Security log
  • Network device
  • Application
    log analysis
  • Server log
  • Security event
  • Web server log
  • All features

Security log management: Leave no log unturned

Collect, manage, analyze, correlate, and search through log data from over 750 sources right out of the box using agentless log collection, agent-based log collection, and log importing. Further, analyze any human-readable log format with EventLog Analyzer's custom log parser, which automatically reads and extracts fields and allows you to mark additional fields for better analysis of unsupported or third-party application log formats. EventLog Analyzer's built-in syslog server automatically configures and collects syslogs from network devices, allows you to perform syslog analysis and provides in-depth insights into security events.

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Network device monitoring: Start with perimeter security

Guard your network perimeter from intrusions by auditing log data from perimeter devices, including routers, switches, firewall, and IDSs and IPSs. Gain valuable insights on firewall security policy and rule changes, admin user logons and logoffs (including failed logons) on critical perimeter devices, changes to critical user accounts, and more. Spot inbound and outbound traffic from malicious sources and block it in real time with predefined workflows.

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Application log analysis: Protect what matters

Monitor critical changes, detect data theft, identify attacks, and track downtime in your business-critical applications, such as databases and web servers, through application log auditing.

EventLog Analyzer is a database activity monitoring tool that helps ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your database.

  • SQL database auditing: Track DML and DDL activities, audit user account changes and SQL server activities, spot attacks such as SQL injection, view account lockouts, and more.
  • Oracle database auditing: Monitor user accesses and activities, audit admin account changes and critical activities on servers, and more.
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Server log management: Ensure complete server security

Monitor your servers and track critical changes to them in real time. Manage server logs for your SQL servers, terminals, Oracle servers, print servers, and other web servers. With EventLog Analyzer's threat detection mechanisms, it is easier to detect server-related security threats, including port-scan attacks, unauthorized access on accounts holding sensitive corporate data, and suspicious activities on devices. You can also monitor server performance and resolve operational issues.

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Security event management: Monitor security events in your network

Collect, track, monitor, and report security-related events across your network. EventLog Analyzer is security event management software that analyzes insights from detected security events and provides sophisticated threat response techniques with automated workflows. You can also demonstrate compliance with audit-ready templates for regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, SOX, and more.

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Web server log management
Audit, manage, and track web server logs

EventLog Analyzer is a log analyzer tool that doubles as a(n):

  • IIS log analyzer: Audit Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) web server events, security errors, configuration changes, and more. Learn more
  • Apache log analyzer: Monitor Apache web server events, security errors, insights into attacks, and more.Learn more
  • DHCP log analyzer: Track critical DHCP server events; audit granted, renewed, or denied leases; and much more.Learn more
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Supported log sources

Find out the 750 log sources that EventLog Analyzer supports.

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Security analytics and beyond

  • FIM
  • Correlation
  • Threat intelligence
  • Incident management
  • Search
  • Compliance
  • Threat investigation

File integrity monitoring Ensure the security of sensitive data

Protect your organization's sensitive data from unauthorized access, modifications, security threats, and breaches. With EventLog Analyzer's file integrity monitoring feature, you can track any changes made to files or folders that contain confidential data in real time to quickly detect critical security incidents and ensure data integrity.

Deeply analyze file and folder accesses, permission changes, and data value changes to Windows file servers and Linux servers.

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A real-time event correlation engine: Securely correlate disparate events

Detect attack attempts and trace potential security threats by correlating log data from devices across the network with predefined rules and a drag-and-drop custom correlation rule builder. Be alerted in real time about security threats, like brute-force attacks, data theft, SQL injection attacks, and suspicious software installation, by correlating data from different log sources.

Gain insights into security events that triggered a correlation rule in the form of an incident timeline. Associate a correlation rule or action with workflow profiles to immediately neutralize the security threat.

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Augmented threat intelligence Use contextual threat feeds for better security

Identify malicious IP addresses, URLs, or domain interactions with your network in real time by automatically correlating log data from devices in your network with scrutinized threat feeds using our built-in global IP threat database and advanced threat analytics.

EventLog Analyzer's threat intelligence platform is automatically updated on a daily basis to help you stay on top of threats and defend your network from the latest attacks. Get insights into the threat category, the reputation score of the malicious source, and more with the advanced threat analytics add-on.

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Built-in incident management Employ automation for threat resolution

Efficiently manage security incidents and speed up the resolution process by automatically assigning tickets to your technicians or administrators using predefined rules. For every detected incident, raise tickets in centralized ITSM tools with the help desk software integrations. Expedite threat resolution by using automated incident workflows that mitigate security threats instantly.

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A powerful search engine Use forensic analysis to unearth security gaps

Drill down through terabytes of raw log data and find exactly what you're looking for with EventLog Analyzer's log search functionality. Conduct basic search using wild cards, phrases, and boolean operators along with grouped searches and range searches.

Use the advanced query builder to automatically construct complex queries using interactive click-based search options and more. Save search results as incident reports and save queries as Alert Profiles to effectively conduct root cause analysis and prevent attacks of the same kind from reoccurring.

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Integrated compliance management Meet compliance demands easily

Simplify your IT compliance auditing with predefined report templates for various regulatory mandates, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, GDPR, SOX, and ISO 27001. Export comprehensive compliance reports in any format, tweak the existing compliance auditing report templates, or create custom compliance reports to meet the demands of future IT regulations. Archive log data for custom time periods to meet crucial log archival requirements.

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Unified cyber investigation console Investigate and proactively hunt for threats with the Incident Workbench

Enhance efficiency in validating security incidents and conducting thorough threat investigations by leveraging EventLog Analyzer's Incident Workbench. This specialized analytical platform focuses on core digital entities like users, processes, and external threat sources, offering additional contextual data and risk assement. Users can simply point and probe these entities, and add them to the analytical console as they traverse through different dashboards of EventLog Analyzer.

The Incident Workbench incorporates the following integrations:

  • UEBA for user analytics (Log360 integration is required)
  • Advanced Threat Analytics with external threat feeds such as VirusTotal
  • Process hunting trees

Add multiple analytical profiles, and save the instance as evidence to the incident management console.

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Looking for a log management solution? EventLog Analyzer is available in 3 editions

Free Edition

$0Never expires

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  • Supports up to 5 log sources only
  • Never expire
    1. Centralized log collection and archival
    2. Log search based reports
    3. Compliance reports
    4. Log forensic analysis capabilities


Starts at $595Year

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  • Supports 10 to 1,000 log source Includes,
    1. Centralized log collection and archival
    2. Log search based reports
    3. Compliance reports
    4. Log forensic analysis capabilities


Starts at $2495 Year

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  • Supports 50 to unlimited log sources
  • Includes all features of premium edition and supports
    1. Scalable environment
    2. Distributed central-collector architecture
    3. Multi-geographical location monitoring
    4. Site-specific reports
    5. Rebranding of the web client for client-specific views

Want to manage your logs in the cloud?

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Are you an MSSP? Checkout our EventLog Analyzer MSSP Edition

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IT Compliance & Event Log Management Software for SIEM

What our customers are saying

Companies of all sizes trust EventLog Analyzer to manage log data efficiently, comply
with regulatory demands, and secure their network.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Customer speaks

Tim Trerise (IT Manager)

America’s Christian Credit Union

  • Education

    Northumbria University

    See how EventLog Analyzer helps this educational institution, which has around 31,500 students and 3,500 employees, to monitor its network devices and ensure the security of confidential data.

    Len Holloway IT security admin of Northumbria University.
  • Finance

    First Mountain Bank

    See how EventLog Analyzer helps First Mountain Bank stay compliant with the FDIC's audit requirements.

    Jim Lloyd Information Systems Manager
  • Government

    Florida Department of Transportation

    See how EventLog Analyzer enables this government organization to monitor and audit its privileged users.

  • Entertainment

    GungHo Online Entertainment

    See how EventLog Analyzer helps this entertainment organization streamline log management for its MMORPG network infrastructure.

5 reasons to choose EventLog Analyzer

High-speed log processing

High-speed log processing

Processes log data at 25,000 logs/second to detect attacks in real time and conduct quick forensic analysis to reduce the impact of a breach.

Comprehensive log management

Comprehensive log management

Collects, analyzes, correlates, searches, and archives log data from over 700 log sources. Includes a custom log parser to analyze any human-readable log format.

Real-time security auditing

Real-time security auditing

Audits network perimeter devices' logs, user activities, server account changes, user accesses, and a lot more to meet security auditing needs.

Instant threat detection and mitigation

Instant threat detection and mitigation

Uncover security threats with advanced threat detection mechanisms, such as event correlation and threat feed analysis, and mitigate them using automated workflows.

Compliance management

Compliance management

Meet regulatory compliance requirements with predefined compliance reports for PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and more.

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