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EventLog Analyzer is a comprehensive and cost-effective log management tool for SIEM

Application errors and crashes 

Event ID 1000: Application error 


Event ID 1000 signifies a general application error. While they could be a routine browser crash, some application errors and crashes such as those on critical systems are a major concern for administrators and require their immediate attention.


The log data with event ID 1000 gives you information on the faulting application, module, process ID, and more. You will see other event IDs such as 1001,1002 and 1004 pertaining to application errors logged along with event ID 1000 that might give you more information on what exactly happened with faulting application. 


With EventLog Analyzer, easily audit event ID 1000 application errors occurring in your enterprise with predefined reports and be instantly alerted when they occur so you can quickly take steps to resolve the issue. This helps you to instantly segregate the security related application crashes from the routine ones. 

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