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Application errors and crashes 

Event ID 1001: Windows Error Reporting


This error event gets logged by Windows Error Reporting infrastructure in the Application event log. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as blue screen errors or other application errors. 


The information contained in the log message can help you analyze the reason for the error. By tracking associated application event IDs such as 1000 and 1002 logged in Event Viewer, you can diagnose the cause and take steps to troubleshoot. 


Rather than struggling with the Event Viewer to correlate associated events, ease your application error auditing woes with EventLog Analyzer's predefined reports. Our  solution gives  exclusive reports and alerts for Windows Error Reporting, complemented by those for blue screen errors (BSOD), applications errors and crashes to quickly analyze the incident and take necessary steps to fix it. Check out how to manage and audit event log data to get necessary information. 

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