Identity Verification:

ADSelfService Plus screens for privileged users (aka enrolled users) via an authentication method by name Identity Verification.

Privileged users of this application have the rights to perform the self-password reset & self-account unlock operations.

Identity Verification has four modes:

Security Ques & Ans: Authenticate users by forcing them to answer to a set of security questions.

Verification Code:Authenticate users by forcing them to reproduce a code sent by ADSelfService Plus or by sending them a secure password reset/unlock account link.

You can send the Verification Code to:

You can send the secure password reset/unlock account link to:

Google Authenticator: Authenticate users by forcing them to enter the security token generated by the user's Google Authenticator app.

Choose the option that suits your requirement.

Note: I You are provided with the rights to configure any combination of Identity Verification modes simultaneously.
II The details that a user provides via Security Ques & Ans should match his/her enrollment information, only then he/she would be granted the rights to access the privilege services.

Click on'Steps Involved In Configuring Identity Verification' for further details.


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