Policy Configuration:

ADSelfService Plus offers 4 self-service functions to domain users: ability to self reset passwords, self unlock account, self update information into Active Directory and change password. As an administrator, you can decide whether users of a domain or selected organizations unit(s) (OU) will avail themselves of any or all of these functions. In other words, you set a "self-service policy" for the users and define the extent they can use ADSelfService Plus.

The "Policy Configuration" tab provides all the functionalities for you to define/edit/delete policies. ADSelfService Plus allows you to define any number of "self-service policies" in a given domain, provided there is no OU duplication in the policies; that is, an OU which is already a part of a policy cannot be subjected to another policy.

By default, ADSelfService Plus sets a policy for the entire domain, when it discovers DCs of a domain. Thus when you log in for the first time (as an administrator) this default policy will be shown to you. Conventionally, every self-service feature is selected. If it fits your requirement, you can retain it; else, you can edit it.

Click on ‘Steps To Create A Policy ’ for further details.


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