Enrolled Users report

The Enrolled Users report provides you with the list of users who have enrolled themselves in ADSelfService Plus. Enrollment provides users with access to the password reset and account unlock portal. It also protects the user accounts through the MFA methods the users have enrolled for. The report displays the users' email addresses, users' mobile numbers, OUs, the time of enrollment, and the last time the users' enrollment data was modified.

Report filtering and generation


Click any of the columns to view the report's entries in ascending or descending order.


Export and More

The Export Settings option allows users to customize the description and logo that will be used in the exported report. Also, admins can opt to keep the logo on every page of the exported report.

Disenrolling a user

Disenrollment of a user involves partially or completely removing their enrollment information from ADSelfService Plus.

Users will not be able to verify their identity via the authenticators they have been disenrolled from. If a user is completely disenrolled, they must re-enroll for at least the minimum number of authentication methods set by the admin to perform MFA and self-service actions.

Users can be disenrolled via two methods:

  1. Manual disenrollment
  2. Bulk CSV disenrollment

Customizing the report

You can customize the report to include or exclude columns containing additional information by clicking the add/remove columns [ add/remove columns ] icon at the far left of the navigation buttons.

Users' enrolled authenticators

Clicking View List in the Enrolled Users Report will display the list of authenticators a user has enrolled for.

Generating backup codes

Generating backup codes

Generating backup codes

Admins can generate a backup code for an enrolled user when the user's MFA device is not reachable. The user can use each backup code only once. To generate a backup code for a specific enrolled user:

Generating backup codes
Note: If more than one technician creates backup codes for the same user, then the most recently generated code becomes valid, and this code can only be used once. If the user had generated a backup code themselves, then that will also remain valid until it's used.


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