Enrollment Reports:

These reports provide information regarding user enrollment and licensing. Actions like disenrollment and license deletion can also be performed through these reports. There are six kinds of enrollment reports:

  1. Enrolled Users Report
  2. Non-Enrolled Users Report
  3. Licensed Users Report
  4. Security Questions Report
  5. Push Registered Devices Report
  6. Offline MFA Enrolled Machines Report

Enrolled Users Report

The Enrolled Users report provides you with the list of users who have enrolled themselves in ADSelfService Plus. Enrollment provides users with access to the password reset and account unlock portal. It also protects the user accounts through the MFA methods the users have enrolled for. The report displays the users' mail addresses, users' mobile numbers, OU, the time of enrollment and the last time the enrollment was modified of the users. Click here for report generation steps.

Non-Enrolled Users Report

The Non-Enrolled Users Report highlights the list of users who are yet to enroll in the ADSelfService Plus application. This includes users who do not have ADSelfService Plus licenses assigned to them and users with ADSelfService Plus licenses but haven't enrolled with the product yet. The report also displays the mail addresses and mobile numbers of the users, and the OU to which they belong. Click here for report generation steps.

Licensed Users Report

This report lists the users who have been allotted with ADSelfService Plus licenses. The information provided by this report is helpful for the effective management of the users' licenses. To know more about ADSelfService Plus licensing, Learn more about ADSelfService Plus licensing. Click here for report generation steps.

Security Questions Report

This report generates the list of enrolled users along with their respective security questions and answers. It helps you to keep track of the details provided by the users for security question and answer for MFA. Click here for report generation steps.

Push Registered Devices Report

This report generates the list of users who have registered for push notifications in the ADSelfService Plus mobile app. Information displayed in the report includes the domain name, the mobile OS (Android or iOS) and its version and the product details of the mobile device. Click here for report generation steps.

Offline MFA Enrolled Machines Report

This report generates the list of machines user have enrolled for offline MFA in ADSelfService Plus. The information listed in the report includes usernames, the device(s) they have enrolled and the time of enrollment. Click here for the report generation steps.


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