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Zia: The AI layer that eases service operations across enterprises

The role of IT in today's digital era of enterprises has been elevated. As technology pioneers, IT teams are entrusted with managing the employee experience rather than just break-fixes. However, being a cost center, IT teams need to optimize their service delivery means to focus their resources on high-value initiatives. With the advent of AI, IT teams and service providers beyond IT can focus more on their strategic work.

Incorporating AI in service management helps with two daily operational necessities:

  • Low-value tasks that can make any technician's day mundane
  • Big data interpretation and contextual insights that technicians cannot derive by themselves.

A service management strategy involving AI-based tactics helps accelerate decision- making, alleviate trivial work, and reduce costs. With the power of AI, IT and non-IT service departments can focus on activities that require the human factor and understanding.

Service management challenges that AI can help solve

Technicians stuck warding
off L1 tickets

The constant influx of basic-issue tickets has been a chronic problem for service desks for decades. While the tickets per technician metric is high, the significant issues are left to boil over due to lack oftechnicians' attention. A comprehensive knowledge base can alleviate the workload, but more often than not, service desks find it difficult to train end users to search for knowledge articles. In fact, 40% of IT departments still found user training a challenge in 2022.

Ticket assignment issues
Service desk manager challenges

Service desk staff bogged down
with processes

Service desk managers must ensure that tickets follow the operation process, such as categorization, prioritization, and assignment. However, static automation rules to assign technicians, priority, or category just don't cut it. Often, context matters, such as when end users face confusion in choosing between two similar templates or in judging the priority of a ticket accurately. Therefore, service desk managers are sometimes left with manual sorting and assignment of tickets if they aren't monitoring whether the static automations are working right.

Micro-tasks slipping through
the cracks

Technicians need help, too, when resolving tickets. When faced with high ticket volumes, technicians might need information such as the system engineer number, or they might need to quickly add a reminder to a ticket while walking over to the server room for another incident. These micro-tasks can accumulate to make the ticket resolution process longer. And sometimes, technicians forget to add notes or a reminder to a ticket, leading to
breached SLAs.

Service management challenges
IT staff challenges

IT managers facing rising costs
without much increase in delivering business value

Two decades into the 21st century, the majority of organizations are seeing IT as their strategic ally for competing in a fast-moving market. IT staff are busier than ever, and time wasted is money wasted for businesses. Without any robotic assistance, IT teams spend their human resources on trying to hammer away every small and large issue with diminutive returns in productivity. It's imperative to reinforce IT staff with AI assistance to take on voluminous challenges faced by businesses.

5 ways Zia makes service delivery easy for you

Zia is ManageEngine's AI service layer that can be deployed in ServiceDesk Plus and in the rest of ManageEngine's suite of IT solutions. Zia expedites service operations with its automation, prediction, and natural language capabilities.

Reduce your technicians' workloads and response times.

Offload those small tasks that are essential but mundane.

Assist in ticket resolution with simple commands.

Lower your service delivery costs without sacrificing performance.

Leverage your service desk data for its predictive assistance.

What can Zia do in ServiceDesk Plus?

Zia constantly learns to predict actions

  • Zia learns from past service desk data to predict various ticket criteria including category and priority of incoming tickets.
  • It understands the context of the tickets and routes them to the right technician, thereby automating low-value triaging tasks.
  • Zia also suggests the apt ticket template to end users based on their input, capturing the appropriate data for any incoming requests.
  • Zia can understand if the end-user is not satisfied with the resolution, and can reopen the ticket by evaluating the end-user response.
  • It can also deduce the response emails from approvers and execute the approval action.
Virtual agent Zia

Zia works alongside your employees

As a virtual agent, Zia can be deployed almost anywhere

Zia's conversations can be crafted to perfection

Virtual agent Zia
AI virtual assistant Zia
AI powered virtual agent
Conversational AI chatbot

Keep ITSM smart and easy with Zia

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