From ITSM essentials to bespoke capabilities
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Full stack ITSM

Ensure high availability of your services

Implement best practice IT service management with ServiceDesk Plus' full-stack ITSM suite


Increase service desk adoption rates

Make your service desk easily accessible by being where your end users are.

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Boost your service desk team's productivity

Relieve your service desk team from repetitive service desk chores by setting up efficient automations.

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Build a service desk that your business demands

Tailor fit your service desk attributes and processes to meet your business objectives.

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  • Fine-grained authorizations

    Provide users with appropriate view and access permissions to requests, problems, changes, contracts, assets, solutions, and reports.

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  • Multi-site support

    Manage multiple sites with custom workflows and configurations for each site, all from a central service desk console.

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  • Service desk scheduler

    Allow your technicians to manage their requests, tasks, time off, and reminders from a central service desk calendar.

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  • Custom request templates

    Build and publish dynamic request templates with associated workflows, tasks, and approvals.

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  • Custom actions

    Define and invoke actions including tasks, webhooks, notifications, and custom actions across the request life cycle.

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  • Unrestricted programmability

    Build additional service desk functions with Deluge, a low-code programming language, and easily integrate with your business applications through webhooks.

  • Provisioning app

    Import all your Active Directory users into the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus without any fuss.

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Asset management

Optimize asset utilization to ensure maximum ROI

Discover, track, and manage your IT and non-IT assets from a centralized location.

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Native IT integrations

Control and manage all things IT through 360 ITSM

Extend the scope of your IT service management tool with contextual integrations.

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Business integrations

Complement your existing business process

Reduce the gap between your business and service management processes with business app integrations.

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  • Microsoft Outlook add-in

    Bring your help desk to your Outlook or Office 365 mailbox, and perform help desk activities without even accessing your help desk portal.

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  • Office 365 actionable messages

    Use the action buttons in your email notifications to act on support tickets from your Outlook or Office 365 mailbox.

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  • Office 365 calender

    Automatically create Office 365 calendar entries from reminders in ServiceDesk Plus, and sync reminders and time off between both calendars.

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  • Jira

    Create and link Jira issues to requests from within ServiceDesk Plus.

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  • Service desk APIs

    Have your developers use public, web-based APIs to integrate and connect with ServiceDesk Plus from anywhere you need.

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  • Microsoft TeamsNew

    Make your service desk easily accessible by adding it to your shared workspace on Microsoft Teams.

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  • TeamViewerNew

    Provide real-time support to end users with instant remote sessions and livestreaming.

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  • Zoho CliqNew

    Leverage Zoho Cliq, a team communication tool from Zoho, as an effective support channel for your service desk.

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  • Zoho VoiceNew

    Simplify business call management for your technicians with the VoIP phone integration.

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  • Zoho FlowNew

    Devise fine workflows between ServiceDesk Plus Cloud and 650+ applications to automate actions using the Zoho Flow integration.

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Industry solutions

Transform your enterprise IT support and service delivery

Build a unique IT service management platform specific to your business and industry

  • Higher education

    Manage your IT infrastructure better, and deliver IT services to your students, faculty, and alumni with smart automations and powerful workflows.

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  • Government

    Support your employees and citizens by delivering a robust IT service experience while operating within budget constraints

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  • K-12

    Govern your school district's IT ecosystem with smart ITSM capabilities, and deliver a better classroom experience

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  • Retail

    Digitize and automate ITSM workflows in your retail business to deliver an enhanced customer experience

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  • For hotels and restaurants

    Establish a high standard of service delivery for employees so they can provide exemplary services to guests.

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  • Enterprises

    Establish robust, enterprise-class ITSM practices with the scalable, full-stack service management platform.

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  • NGONew

    Boost your IT productivity with an industry-ready IT service desk and make a big positive impact on the world

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  • Banks and financial institutionsNew

    Build customized ITSM workflows at scale to manage your IT infrastructure, achieve regulatory compliance, and deliver consistent services to your employees.

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  • Manufacturing companiesNew

    Establish a strong ITSM foundation that cultivates a culture of rapid resolution and high-quality service delivery, transforming internal and external support to support manufacturing efforts and see bigger gains.

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  • HealthcareNew

    Create a dependable, secure service management platform for your healthcare organization and provide safe, effective services for your doctors, nurses, and other staff members.

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Enterprise service management

Unify service delivery across business functions

Extend proven IT service management best practices to other business functions and provide a consistent service experience across the enterprise from a centralized platform.

  • Human resourcesNew

    Onboard, manage, and provide world-class services for the employees in your organization with an enterprise-ready service management platform.

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  • Facilities New

    Keep workplace service delivery and operations running smoothly. Use campus-based ticket and asset management features and a built-in space management module.

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  • FinanceNew

    Start systematizing financial service management to resolve finance-related incidents quickly, deliver financial services smoothly, and more.

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  • Legal New

    Help legal teams keep pace with growing business needs by tracking, managing, and delivering legal services on time using a unified service management platform.

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Reports and dashboards

Monitor the health of your service desk

Gain insights on your service management processes by mining service desk data with the built-in reporting module.

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