Email to Ticket

Automate Ticket Assignment. Don't Miss a Single Ticket.
escalation management

Set request fields automatically based on the emails coming in to your help desk.

Network ticketing tools tell you first before users tell you about it!

Other network monitoring tools in your network can be configured to send mails with the correct field labels and custom error message to ServiceDesk Plus. This saves the help desk team's face when a user calls to report an incident regarding a device in your network, you already know about it! Another advantage in this is that tickets are directly raised by the tools and human resource time in ticketing is fully saved.

Technicians can create tickets received through phone, even when not in desk.

If a technician is on the move and does not have access to web portal, this can come real handy. ServiceDesk Plus Email command parsing lets technicians send mails through their smart devices and create new tickets using this help desk ticketing software.

With ServiceDesk Plus, Tranter IT Infrastructure Services Limited prides itself in meeting all its SLAs and consistently maintaining the up-time of the IT infrastructure and services.

Agadagba Voke Benjamin, solutions architect, Tranter

Automate Ticket Assignment. Don't Miss a Single Ticket.

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