Kanban-based ticket management

Improve visibility over your ticket queues and
enable efficient ticket management
(Available only on cloud)
Kanban Board for service desk
Visually manage ticket queues in Kanban view

    Get a visual summary of your tickets, and add more efficiency to your ticket management

  • Handle long ticket queues better by visually depicting your service requests and incident tickets on a Kanban board.
  • Customize the Kanban view by grouping tickets based on parameters like Status, Priority, and Technician.
  • Move tickets between statuses, change the ticket priority, or reassign technicians with a simple drag-and-drop move.
  • Receive a quick summary of the ticket from the Kanban view without toggling between multiple windows.

Having separate service desk instances for IT, facilities and records allows us to track the issues separately while giving us access to the other departments' resources. With the new version of ServiceDesk Plus, we feel like the firm's support and administration departments are working together to provide assistance. I love that it's customizable, easy to use and available at a great price.

Beverley Seche, Network Administrator at Stark & Stark, Attorneys at Law.

Harness the power of visual management

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