Scalable, end−to−end
workflow automations across
the digital landscape

Break technical barriers and connect hybrid IT systems and services with just a single touch

  • Build unique, event−driven workflow automations called Circuits that accomplish a set of IT tasks sequentially, in parallel, or as a batch—all without requiring human intervention
  • Drag and drop prebuilt tasks for AD user activities, database operations, and SSH connections, or even execute PowerShell scripts from the script repository.
  • Link up to third-party apps, both on premises and in the cloud, by embedding webhooks within your Circuits.
  • Deploy Circuits as part of Incident, Request, or Change Workflows and trigger them with approvals, field updates, or other touch points.

Powerful, high-maturity
ITSM practice executions
and automations

Revamp your core ITSM practices with highly programmable workflows built on a visual workflow canvas

  • Build multi-path workflows on a no−code canvas with action nodes to handle approvals, notifications, conditional checks, and path switches.
  • Run low-code custom actions at any stage of a workflow to unlock a wide range of automated functions.
  • Embed Circuits within a workflow to perform pro-code functions and orchestrate complex operations between various enterprise systems.
  • Create dedicated workflows for the range of ITSM processes: incidents, requests, problems, changes, releases, and assets.

Standardized, visual maps of tickets with refined control

Assist your technicians at each step of the service delivery process with recommendations and ticket automations from the start to the end

  • Map the ticket and asset journeys through all their possible statuses and states with the interactive life cycle builder.
  • Set transition actions between each ticket status or asset state to guide technicians on to the next possible step in the service delivery process.
  • Automate ticket- or asset-level actions, such as updating details, adding tasks, sending notifications, or executing custom functions, when transitioning between statuses or states.
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