In this session, we'll explore how to revitalize major ITSM practices-like incidents, services, problems, changes, releases, assets, and more-with simple no-code and low-code automations. Learn how to deploy collision-free changes and to streamline various service desk operations with efficient automation on the GUI. Furthermore, we'll demonstrate ways to loop in experts, customize timely actions, keep stakeholders in the know, and conclude ITSM practices effectively.

In this episode, we'll get hands-on with the following

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can send custom notifications using Notification Rules and Triggers. When certain conditions are satisfied, you can notify the required technician groups using Triggers.

No, technicians cannot be assigned based on shifts or specific hours.

Yes, you can pick specific days in a month to schedule maintenance. Further, you can schedule them daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can also customize the period according to your requirements.

Freeze windows can restrict the deployment of changes in your organization. For more information, you can visit the help documentation here.

Tasks in templates are created when a request is raised. With Triggers, tasks are generated when certain conditions are met.

Yes. Using Business Rules, you can abort the creation of tickets via email when certain conditions are satisfied.

SDAdmins can create specific change windows in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.

No, the algorithms of Technician Auto Assign work across all the technician groups.

You can enable the LiveChat add-on to chat with a technician using the Zia chat console, but Zia cannot replace LiveChat entirely.

The change manager can move the change to the next stage.

Technician Auto Assign can be applied to incidents, services, or both. However, it is not possible to enable it for individual templates in incidents or services.

Yes, the Ticket Owner refers to the technician who handles the request.

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