Redefine service experiences for end users and technicians with the AI-powered service desk assistant.

Available on : Cloud    On-premises

Offer conversational self-help for users and technicians.

  • Employ Zia as tier-zero support by having her process user questions and suggest appropriate solutions from the knowledge base.
  • Train Zia's natural language understanding with service desk data to deduce user responses and take appropriate actions.
  • Incorporate out-of-the-box service desk operations from the Zia gallery, and integrate them with your IT systems with minimal customization.
Enterprise AI chatbot solution
Enterprise helpdesk chatbot

Boost technician efficiency with Zia's interactive actions.

  • Handle service desk operations, such as creating or modifying tickets, merely through
    chat interactions.
  • Generate simple reports by asking
    Zia simple questions.
  • Keep information at your fingertips, as Zia can scour the database and pull up service desk data to answer more complex questions.

Develop Zia's skills to automate any complex IT environment.

  • Leverage the serverless Zia developer console, the low-code script builder, to create custom Zia actions and automate mundane tasks.
  • Build actions with multiple conversations, and even add provisions for Zia to collect appropriate input at each stage of the interaction.
  • Create custom Zia actions that convert tickets into workflows and trigger actions in external tools integrated with the service desk.
Chatbot on premise
Desktop chatbot

Call Zia into action from any touchpoint in your enterprise.

  • Offer intelligent support across multiple channels, such as the web client and native mobile apps.
  • Get work done on the go courtesy of Zia Voice in the mobile app.
  • Bring Zia?s capabilities right into your intranet and business pages with the Zia widget.
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