Adapt to business changes fast with ServiceDesk Plus' unrestricted programmability.

Define IT-business processes to work the way you work using custom functions.

  • Convert complex business logic into cross-functional workflows by developing custom functions with the low-code script builder.
  • Extend workflows beyond the service desk by automating actions in external tools via custom functions in life cycles and triggers.
  • Offer custom menus to technicians to manually trigger any scripted function while managing requests, changes, or assets.
  • Tailor the ticket management process by executing custom functions in business rules.
Custom functions - Enterprise ITSM platform
Custom enterprise help desk

Create new services beyond the predefined functions with custom modules.

  • Meet any unique enterprise needs by creating entire modules from scratch with role-based access and permissions.
  • Power the custom modules with forms to capture details including reference data from other modules of the service desk.
  • Enable APIs in custom modules to invoke any records in scripted functions or external tools.
  • Generate reports based on the data collected in the custom modules.

Securely link ServiceDesk Plus with critical business systems using connectors.

  • Ensure secure data flow between ServiceDesk Plus and any external tool by developing connections and invoking them in any custom function.
  • Leverage ServiceDesk Plus' rich API framework built on REST principles, allowing you to perform all the operations of the web client.
Enterprise service desk customization
Enterprise ITSM request management process

Configure business rules to match your request handling process.

  • Streamline the request management process by executing conditional actions, such as field updates and custom functions, on incoming tickets.
  • Trigger actions on incoming tickets based on any necessary parameter by using custom functions as the execution criteria.
  • Prevent technicians from performing any unauthorized actions by automatically aborting their actions based on incoming ticket criteria.

Invoke custom actions throughout the life cycle of a ticket.

  • Keep all stakeholders in the loop by configuring custom email and SMS notifications that can be sent as part of a workflow or as a trigger.
  • Create custom callbacks, such as invoking an external URL or an API as part of workflows or triggers, using webhooks.
Enterprise custom ticket workflows and lifecycle
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