Space management for facilities teams

Optimize campus utilization and efficiently manage
occupancy with ServiceDesk Plus

Facilities helpdesk management

Stay on top of campus usage information across all levels of the space hierarchy

  • Govern space utilization at all levels of the organization—campuses, structures, floors, rooms, open spaces, and the facility services within each space.
  • Filter spaces by campus, building, area size, occupied capacity, and more to easily pull up the one you're looking for.
  • Track spaces using statuses such as "Under maintenance" and "Active" or create custom statuses to suit your operations.
  • Create custom templates to record all necessary details of commonly created spaces.

Search the space tree visually to fetch details effortlessly

  • Visualize the connections between all your organization's spaces, such as the campuses, buildings, floors, and rooms.
  • Get a consolidated view of all levels of the organization with their occupancy rate and associated tickets, and click on any space to find its full details.
Facilities space management system
Space management in facilities help desk

Track and manage the amenities and facility services across all spaces

  • Create tickets, assets, and facility services and associate them with their corresponding spaces to better manage the service quality in a space.
  • Attach any related documents to each space, such as the fire evacuation plan or the blueprint of the campus.
  • Keep track of all events that have taken place in a space by checking out its history.

Having separate service desk instances for IT, facilities and records allows us to track the issues separately while giving us access to the other departments' resources. With the new version of ServiceDesk Plus, we feel like the firm's support and administration departments are working together to provide assistance. I love that it's customizable, easy to use and available at a great price.

Beverley Seche, Network Administrator at Stark & Stark, Attorneys at Law.

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