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Streamlined IT service delivery for employees can translate to delightful experiences for guests in hotels and restaurants. The dynamic hospitality industry is constantly striving to keep up with the changing demands of customers. However,affecting online touchpoints, to seasonal demand for extra devices and kiosks, a standardized process to manage these IT services establishes the base needed for consistent guest experiences across all destinations.

In an industry dominated by customer experience, an IT services team that doesn't enforce industry best practices will perpetually extinguish high-priority incidents while chasing after delayed service requests. Such inefficient request management can lead to internal service failures and end up disrupting the guest experience. For instance, if an events hall is booked for a business conference but the IT team isn't notified of it automatically, it could lead to low bandwidth allocation and poor internet access during the event. Lack of robust back-end processes could even lead to dire consequences, such as a customer data breach.

Help desk software workflow for hospitality

Weave ITSM into your service design with ServiceDesk Plus.

Underpin back-of-house IT processes with service management technology that helps you meet guest experience goals. Through feedback channels and metrics pointing towards actionable insights, service desk software facilitates a deeper understanding between IT and employee needs. This improved understanding helps unclog process bottlenecks, leading to faster service delivery and elevated user satisfaction.

ITSM best practices help administer incidents, requests, changes, assets, and more for IT teams in a hotel, and a competent service desk application can push the IT team's efficiency further with capabilities that bolster their service delivery. These capabilities include automation of nitty-gritty activities, workflows to speed up processes, omnichannel accessibility for users, and seamless interoperability between IT management tools.

This allows IT service teams to become resilient to the swings of the hospitality industry demands.

The ServiceDesk Plus ITSM suite for the hospitality industry

Ticketing system workflow diagram for hospitality

Power through issues and requests with ease, even during full occupancy

IT service request management in hotel management

Issues that have a direct impact on guest experiences, such as POS terminal failure or poor Wi-Fi reception, are often treated as high-priority by the front desk team, and this can lead to constant firefighting of incidents. Establish control over the influx of tickets and how they are handled with ServiceDesk Plus' incident, service request, and change management modules.

  • Prioritize incoming tickets with preset parameters and trigger relevant tasks for technicians effortlessly.
  • Create site-specific templates for frequently requested services, with preset values to fast-track ticket creation.
  • Mitigate recurring low-level issues by auto-suggesting solutions before ticket creation through the built-in knowledge base.
  • Manage user expectations by establishing SLAs for services, and stay compliant to SLAs with automated escalations.
  • Minimize risk and maximize visibility when planning and rolling out IT changes across all properties with configurable workflows.

Save time spent on internal processes by automating your IT service delivery. The first month is on the house.

Maximize IT and non-IT asset visibility from multiple properties with the integrated IT asset management module.

IT asset management process in restaurants

IT teams at hotels and restaurants manage an assortment of assets across properties, including in-room entertainment, wearable tech for employees, IoT devices, and critical systems such as POS terminals, climate systems, networks, and security systems. ServiceDesk Plus' integrated asset management solution provides comprehensive visibility over every IT asset, including the assets purchase, contract, and vendor information.

  • Maintain a single source of truth for IT assets across all destinations with agent-based, agentless, and distributed asset discovery methods.
  • Fetch the history of installed software across all sites and ensure license compliance in a single list view.
  • Map your IT and non-IT assets visually to quickly gauge the impact of incidents, changes, and releases.

Dont let internal processes get in the way of providing real service.

Customer support ticket lifecycle management for hotels

In a 24/7 high availability environment like a hotel, relieving IT service teams from predictable activities, such as ticket processing and regular maintenance, allows them to focus on providing valuable service to other hotel functions like facilities and human resources. ServiceDesk Plus' intrinsic automations and workflows can streamline background IT activities.

  • Give each property its own criteria-based automations for incoming tickets.
  • Standardize your service delivery by setting the ticket navigation between statuses and guiding technicians with transitions using Request Life Cycle.
  • Configure conditional actions in ticket life cycles that can be triggered during the various stages of a status transition.
  • Schedule periodic maintenance activities and manage them across all sites with the calendar view.

Get a 360 view of every property's IT operations by integrating them with your service desk

IT management tools integration for restaurant customer services

When hotels have to juggle disparate monitoring tools for various hotel systems like POS terminals, a propertys network, or booking software, data is rarely delivered in real time, leading to an increase in incident response time. To overcome this, leverage ServiceDesk Plus' native integrations with the suite of IT management tools from ManageEngine.

Embrace automation to speed up service delivery. The first month is on the house.

Optimize IT operational costs with data-driven insights and analytics

Customer support ticket management software reports dashboard

In an industry that runs on small margins and high operating costs, each and every decision can impact bottom- and top-line revenue growth. To support a growing or evolving hospitality business, operational and IT leaders need easy, fast access to their data. Make informed decisions with custom dashboards and reports from ServiceDesk Plus.

  • Gain insights quickly with over 150 canned reports across all modules, including requests, change, assets, contracts, and purchases.
  • Generate a variety of visual charts with the reports to get more clarity from your data.
  • Create role-based dashboards with data from every module for a quick glimpse of operations.

Create a unified service delivery platform for all functions of the hotel.

Customer service help desk system for hospitality

Running a hotel is a complex operation, with multiple departments that need to come together to provide service to guests. Extend proven ITSM best practices to other departments with Enterprise Service Management in ServiceDesk Plus.

  • Establish a central service management platform for all your internal departments.
  • Run multiple service desk instances unique to each non-IT team, with full-stack features in each instanceincluding automations and workflows.
  • Simplify things for users by allowing them to access various service desk instances from a centralized self-service portal.
  • Create custom applications and modules that encompass every business functions needs

Choose the plan that best fits your property

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