Applications Manager Integration

ITOM and ITSM join hands for better IT performances.

While Applications Manager helps you keep all your apps and servers in check for any unexpected anomalies and alarms, ServiceDesk Plus gets your technicians instantly on an issue and brings down the mean time to resolve an issue. Let ITOM and ITSM collaborate and help you achieve more from your organization with this integration.

Sync your CIs with application manager

Sync your CIs with Applications Manager.

The seamless two-way integration of ServiceDesk Plus with Applications Manager provides a visual map of your entire IT infrastructure & applications, by automatically discovering all the IT components in the configuration management database (CMDB) of ServiceDesk Plus and then creating dependencies amongst them in Applications Manager. Track all the configuration items (CIs) in your IT infrastructure, map relationships and predict the impact of CIs on your business, if any modification is made.

Faster troubleshooting with instant ticket logging and action.

Automate the process of categorizing, prioritizing, and assigning tickets to technicians in ServiceDesk Plus from within Applications Manager. Create a ticket, track the change in status of the ticket, and all its updates until it is finally resolved. In Applications Manager, when a predefined condition for a particular monitor violates its threshold value, an alarm is instantly generated and consequently a configured action is executed.

With APM-SDP integration, configure this alarm action as a ticket action in Applications Manager and every time an alarm is raised, it instantly gets logged as a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus and lets your technicians take it from there.

Create help desk tickets from alarms automatically Convert alarm action into help desk tickets
Automated workflow of creating helpdesk actions from alarms

Automated workflow to achieve more, faster.

With everything automated, forget about tracking your tickets manually all the time. Ensure no ticket is unattended. Ever.

  • Create new/ reopen a ticket when an alarm is raised for a previously closed ticket.
  • Close ticket/ update notes in ServiceDesk Plus when an alarm is cleared.
  • Update a ticket when there is a status change in alarms.
  • View request details from the Applications Manager console.

Integrate with ServiceDesk Plus

Cloud or on-premises integrate your SDP deployments with Applications Manager today and resolve your IT performance issues effectively with quicker updates and better tracking. Let your APM personnel collaborate with your help desk professionals to deliver better, faster and uninterrupted services to users.

If you haven't downloaded Applications Manager yet, you can get it here.

ITOM and ITSM join hands for better IT performances.

Let's support faster, easier, and together