The ChatGPT integration in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud unlocks a range of functionalities designed to improve efficiency, communication, and overall user experience. From helping technicians swiftly generate contextual responses to enabling users to find solutions for their problems, this integration helps ServiceDesk Plus users easily leverage the power of GenAI within their everyday service desk activities.

Create effective end-user
experiences and maximize your service teams' potential

  • With the new Ask ChatGPT action in Zia chatbot, directly access ChatGPT's vast knowledge base and receive responses that include helpful information from external websites.
  • This integration enables technicians to generate contextual replies and refine the grammar and readability of their content drafts when replying to request conversations.
  • Provide technicians with a quick overview of the tickets raised in Microsoft Teams channels by generating concise summaries of tickets.
  • Analyze usage statistics by drawing insights about the number of times users have accessed ChatGPT features via the integration and keep tabs on token consumption.
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