Confluence helps teams build knowledge articles and share them effectively with each other.

The Confluence extension in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud allows technicians to access the knowledge articles managed in Confluence from within the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud ticket workspace. The extension helps technicians access contextual solutions in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud by fetching the knowledge articles from Confluence with the help of the title and keywords used in the ticket.

Move towards
a federated approach to knowledge management

  • Enable seamless knowledge article transfers between Confluence and ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.
  • Copy knowledge articles in Confluence as resolutions to tickets in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.
  • Access the Confluence knowledge base right from ServiceDesk Plus Cloud and find knowledge articles based on the title and keywords used in the ticket.
Confluence knowledge base article template
A knowledge article in Confluence
Confluence knowledge base articles
The ticket title is prefilled in the extension's quick search bar
Confluence extension with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud
Knowledge articles from Confluence are available in the
ServiceDesk Plus Cloud console
Ticket resolution
Copy the article as a resolution for the ticket through the extension
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