Resolve tickets right from within your inbox with the ServiceDesk Plus add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Your cloud help desk, now in your mailbox.

Microsoft Outlook integration

The ServiceDesk Plus add-in for Microsoft Outlook brings the IT help desk right into your Outlook or Office 365 mailbox. Now your end users don't have to access your help desk portal to submit a request or check the status of their tickets. All that they need to know about their tickets is available right within their mailbox. This add-in creates a ServiceDesk Plus user pane inside end users' and technicians' mailboxes. Currently, the add-in is available only for the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus

Integrate help desk into Microsoft Outlook
Multi-modal ticket creation

Multi-modal ticket creation

With this add-in technicians and end users can create new tickets right from the ServiceDesk Plus user pane within their mailbox. They can also choose from a list of existing incident and service request templates.

integrate self service into outlook

End user


End users can keep track of the progress of their tickets, add notes, reply to their tickets, and view the details and history of requests, all from within their mailbox.

Self service integration with Microsoft Outlook
Easy ticket management

Easy ticket management

Technicians, who often work on the go, can now perform a host of ticket management activities from their mailbox without switching to ServiceDesk Plus:

  • Assign tickets to other technicians or pick up tickets. Edit requests.
  • Close requests and mark them as first call resolved.
  • Document end users' acknowledgement of the resolution.

Your cloud help desk, now in your mailbox.

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