ServiceDesk Plus integrates with Password Manager Pro.

Perform operations from right within your service desk with secure and easy access to remote systems.
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ServiceDesk PlusFeatures IntegrationsManageEngine PasswordManagerPro

Take advantage of secure remote access to users' accounts over RDP and SSH.

How often do your IT technicians find themselves solving an IT incident that requires logging in to a remote system such as a Windows server over Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), a UNIX server or a network device over Secure Shell (SSH) or TELNET, or a relational database management system (RDBMS) over a client app? Technicians often need to log in to privileged accounts manually to resolve issues, but managing privileged accesses comes with its own set of challenges, such as sharing sensitive passwords for authentication, which can eat up precious time and hamper productivity. But not anymore! Thanks to ServiceDesk Plus' latest integration with Password Manager Pro, accessing privileged accounts in remote systems is just a click away in your service desk.

With this new integration, you can:

Password manager Pro integration

Enable quick incident resolution by launching secure remote sessions to privileged accounts over RDP or SSH protocols, right from within your service desk.

Eliminate manual authentication

Eliminate manual authentication methods, and directly open sessions to enhance technician productivity without compromising security.

Eliminate manual authentication

Ensure that the authentication process is not bypassed by requiring that sessions only be launched after verifying the validity of the ticket or the IT change as well as the need for the technician's access.

Eliminate manual authentication

Store a copy of all actions performed in a session as a video file for subsequent audit, forensic, and compliance needs.

Perform operations from right within your service desk

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