How Zoho Survey works with ServiceDesk Plus

IT service desk teams rely on CSAT surveys to identify the weaknesses in their overall service management approach so they can fine-tune it with in-depth analysis of survey data. With the Zoho Survey integration, IT administrators can craft complex user satisfaction surveys by creating unique survey templates, defining automations, building custom logic, and personalizing the surveys for their end users.

Build survey templates instantly.

  • Create unique, comprehensive survey templates for different services swiftly.
  • Choose from a collection of over 250 out-of-the-box templates.
  • Drag and drop over 25 types of questions into the advanced template builder.
Service desk CSAT survey templates
CSAT survey automation rules

Craft automations to trigger surveys and guide requesters.

  • Create custom rules based on one or more conditions to trigger surveys.
  • Show or hide questions to guide end users based on their responses.
  • Design your survey, from its appearance and navigation to redirecting end users once the survey concludes.

Gain insights from user responses with Zoho Survey.

  • Track responses to your survey and quickly analyze them with default, custom, and trend reports.
  • Create custom reports with visualizations such as bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, and spiderweb graphs.
  • Schedule reports and share them with your teammates, your organization, or external users.
Zoho Survey insights & reports
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