Zoho Voice Integration With ServiceDesk Plus

(Available in Cloud)
Instantly call your end users directly from the service desk window with just a single click. Introducing seamless communication to boost technicians' productivity.

Zoho Voice is a flexible cloud-based business telephony system that enables your technicians to engage with end users using the built-in phone system. The free plan (SOLO) of Zoho Voice is available to ServiceDesk Plus Cloud users at https://www.zoho.com/voice/.

Zoho Voice integration

Optimize your interactions with the ZDialer extension. Bring tech support and end users together by providing voice connectivity within your service desk.

  • Receive virtual phone numbers and bulk import agents.
  • Stay connected with your technicians and end users.
  • Auto-detect user phone numbers to make calls using click-to-call or just dial the numbers from the dial pad widget.
  • Modernize your calling experience by viewing caller details in screen pop-ups.

Making the most of the integration

Leverage the following capabilities and transform the way you communicate with your users:

  • Access advanced telephony features: Make it easy for your technicians to manage business calls with IVRs, call queues, call monitoring, barging, call notes, business hours, etc.
  • Contacts lookup functionality: Instantly fetch relevant user information to provide support to end users during time-sensitive incidents without breaking a sweat.
  • Dive into the caller's details: Find out who's on the line and why they might have reached out to you. The Open Requests feature that displays on the call pop-up helps your technicians comprehend tickets better, and helps ensure a pleasant customer experience.
  • Automatic spam call blocking: Technicians can focus on calls from high-priority users and temporarily postpone accepting calls from select low-priority users.
  • Effortless business communication with voice mail: Users can send voicemails while your technicians are handling back-to-back calls, or away from their desk. This helps technicians promptly get back to the callers and not keep them waiting.
  • Call-related performance metrics: Evaluate your technicians' performance to understand how you could boost your team's productivity and ace customer support.
Zoho Voice features

Turn any chat window into your very own IT support assistant.

Let's support faster, easier, and together