Handling consumables

Handle the availability of all your
IT and non-IT consumable assets efficiently
Consumable IT asset management

    Add, view, and track all your consumables to gain real-time visibility of your consumables inventory

  • Easily add consumables through forms and purchase orders.
  • Add consumables in bulk with barcodes.
  • Record details such as product, quantity, purchase cost, and vendor while adding a consumable.
  • Track consumables based on their expiration date, lot number, and manufacture date, or based on their quantity level alone.
  • Create tabular reports to analyze the usage of consumables in your organization.

Having separate service desk instances for IT, facilities and records allows us to track the issues separately while giving us access to the other departments' resources. With the new version of ServiceDesk Plus, we feel like the firm's support and administration departments are working together to provide assistance. I love that it's customizable, easy to use and available at a great price.

Beverley Seche Network Administrator at Stark & Stark, Attorneys at Law.

Deploy releases with greater transparency and fewer risks.