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We're proud to announce the latest feature in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud: IT Release Management. This new capability helps you build, test, and deliver IT software releases with minimal risks and greater transparency.

IT release calendar
Ensure safe and successful IT releases.

What is release management?

Release and deployment management is the process of managing, planning, and scheduling the rollout of new IT services or upgrades to existing ones to the production environment. Here, "release" refers to the development of a newer version of a service or component, and "deployment" means the process of integrating it into the live production environment.

Why do organizations need release management?

As organizations evolve, they often need to upgrade their IT infrastructure regularly, which involves new software releases. Such software releases, whether simple or complex, are often plagued with common challenges like lack of communication between different teams, scheduling conflicts, and absence of central control. Failing to adequately address these challenges may result in underdeveloped or failed releases. This can cause a backlog of pending releases and an increase in outages, leading to costly downtime that could have otherwise been prevented.

Moreover, most organizations handle their release management processes independently from change management processes. These organizations are missing out on all the benefits that leveraging release management to efficiently implement IT changes can offer.

How can ServiceDesk Plus help?

Build, test, and deliver IT releases better with ServiceDesk Plus.