Inventory Reports

Make Effective Purchase Decisions and Be Audit Ready Always
Analyze data faster with numerous visual chart types.

    Generate Faster and Smarter Reports. Make Informed Decisions and Be Audit Ready.

  • Choose from over 50 ready-made, out-of-the-box reports or build custom reports within minutes to view information on IT assets in your environment.
  • Pin IT asset reports to the dashboard and track crucial metrics round the clock.
  • Be proactive in handling crisis situations like server overload or insufficient workstation memory with anytime access to real-time data.
  • Drill down into the finer details of your IT inventory using the query editor to fulfill your reporting needs.
  • Schedule IT inventory reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or an ad hoc basis and automatically send data to key stakeholders.
  • Generate inventory reports in tabular, matrix, summary, and graphical formats and share them as pdf, csv, xls, and html files.
  • Complement IT inventory reporting by accessing exclusive purchase and contract reports.

Some of the reports you can generate include:

General Reports

  • Assets by Product Types
  • Assets by Product
  • Assets by Acquisition Date
  • Assets by Expiry Date
  • Assets by Requester
  • Unassigned Assets by Product Type
  • Unassigned Assets by Product
  • Assets not in Contract (by Product Type)
  • Assets not in Contract (by Product)
  • Assets from Vendor (by Product Type)
  • Assets from Vendor (by Product)

Software Reports

  • Software by Category
  • Purchased vs Installed Software
  • Software by Manufacturer
  • CAL Purchased vs Installed

Workstations Reports

  • Workstations by OS
  • Workstations by Manufacturer
  • Workstations by Domain
  • Workstations by Network
  • Unassigned Workstations by Domain
  • Unassigned Workstations by Network
  • OS Count by Domain
  • OS Count by Network
  • Model Count by Domain
  • Model Count by Network
  • Manufacturer Count by Domain
  • Manufacturer Count by Network

Audit Reports

  • Audit History by Workstation
  • Audit History by Time line
  • Audit History by Changes

Purchase Reports

  • Purchase Orders by Vendors
  • Purchase Orders by Ordered Date
  • Purchase Orders by Required Date
  • Purchase Orders by Status
  • Purchase Orders by Cost Center

Contract Reports

  • Active Contracts
  • Contracts by Max Value
  • Contracts by Status
  • Contracts by Vendor
  • Expired Contracts
  • Contracts by Total Price

After implementing ServiceDesk Plus, we were able to track everything, run reports, see where our problem areas were, and analyze what we needed to focus on. I would definitely recommend ServiceDesk Plus to anybody who wants to be on top of their IT.

Thomas Foster IT director, Hillsides

Make Effective Purchase Decisions and Be Audit Ready Always

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