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Comprehensive dashboard

Gain complete visibility and control with an intuitive dashboard

Are you ready to take charge of your SaaS ecosystem effortlessly? With our user-friendly dashboard, you can discover your organization’s SaaS subscriptions effortlessly. Keep a close eye on key metrics like total spending, user count, app utilization, and license usage with our premium SaaS management platform. And the best part? Visualize spending trends and patterns through easy-to-understand graphs, pie charts, and bars. Managing your SaaS has never been this easy!

Easy app management

Simplify app management and optimize expenses

Say goodbye to manual hassles, and get ready for detailed insights into app information, associated subscriptions, spending breakdowns, renewal dates, and ownership details. But wait, there's more! Our advanced optical character recognition technology works magic by automatically extracting relevant license details from uploaded invoices. And that's not all! Our system allows you to consolidate and centralize all your app information for maximum efficiency.

Efficient user management

Streamline user management and enhance communication

Take control of SaaS user management with ease. Our user management feature empowers you to efficiently add and manage users, assign applications, and streamline communication within your organization. Worried about data security? Don’t be! Our IAM integration minimizes unauthorized access risks. Get a clear picture of your SaaS ecosystem with comprehensive user details, assigned apps, and user roles—all at your fingertips!

Seamless app integrations

Enhance productivity with seamless app integrations

We know how crucial it is to have all your applications working together seamlessly, and that’s why we support integration with a wide range of them!

Imagine having all your data flowing effortlessly, with no manual work required. Our hassle-free directory integration ensures you can connect with your SaaS ecosystem in just a few minutes. Say goodbye to the days of data silos and tedious manual tasks. And not just that—now you can populate expense details in ManageEngine SaaS Manager Plus through integrating your mailbox for easy discovery and extraction of your SaaS subscriptions.

Let our system do the heavy lifting for you!

We also integrate with your accounting software so that you can sync all your financial data with SaaS Manager Plus. With our integration, tracking SaaS expenses and allocating budgets becomes a breeze.

Report analytics

Make informed decisions with actionable reporting

With SaaS Manager Plus, data-driven decisions are a breeze. Our comprehensive reporting gives you valuable insights into vendor spending, user stats, spending by source, most used vendors, most spent vendors, user app stats, user activity, and app activity. Know exactly where your money is going and how your team is leveraging SaaS tools.

Allocate budgets like a pro, track expenses effortlessly, and maximize ROI.

Extensive settings

Customize and configure SaaS Manager Plus

Have absolute control over your SaaS management experience with advanced settings and customization options. Customize mail server settings, schedule data synchronization, and automate report generation to fit your specific needs. Get updates right in your mailbox—no extra effort required! We’ve got you covered with seamless mailbox integration for easy notifications and alerts. Stay on top of everything effortlessly and keep your workflow running like clockwork!

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