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User Conference 2019

February 25 -26, 2019

The Address Dubai Marina

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User Conference Highlights

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    New Features

    Check out new product features and updates, integrations, and product launches, all aimed at keeping you ahead of the curve.
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    Live Demos

    Attend live demos to understand the product and learn about the latest trends through customer case studies.
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    Participate in one-on-one sessions with our experts and network with peers.
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    Certification Exam

    Choose any one ManageEngine product and get certified as a “ManageEngine Product Associate”.


8am - 9am
Registration and welcome coffee
9am - 9:30am
Welcome address - Raj Sabhlok, president, ManageEngine
9:30am - 10am
Riding the digital transformation wave. - Rajesh Ganesan, vice president of product management
10am - 10:15am
Coffee break
10:15am - 12:30pm
10:15am - 11:45am
11:45am - 12:30pm

#track 1

ServiceDesk Plus
Transforming your service desk into a powerhouse of efficiency - Part 1
Service Request Management
Incident Management

#track 2

Gaining visibility into your heterogeneous network infrastructure.
Discovery and classification.
  • Different ways of adding devices into OpManager.
  • Automate configurations with Rule Engine.
  • Add only managed interfaces for monitoring.
  • Automate device addition with Discovery Schedule.
  • Fixing Unknown Devices.
Server and Network performance monitoring.
  • Monitoring device/interface availability.
  • Monitoring server performance - processes, services, applications, scripts.
  • Virtual server monitoring.
  • Monitoring network performance - devices, bandwidth, hardware.
  • IP SLA monitoring.
Fault management, Automation and Custom maps.
  • Effective fault monitoring with threshold-based alarms and notifications.
  • Events - VMware, Eventlogs, Syslogs, SNMP traps.
  • Troubleshooting faults with IT Workflows.
  • Business Views, Google Maps, Rack & 3D data center builder.
  • Dashboards, Widgets & NOC Views.

#track 3

Password Manager Pro
The strategy for efficient privileged access management.
Discover a three-pronged strategy to effectively manage privileged access and counter insider threats with ManageEngine's privileged access management suite.
  • Take a deep dive into best practices for managing access to administrator and root account passwords, Windows service account passwords, hard-coded passwords, SSH keys, and SSL certificates.
  • Learn how to deploy multiple controls to manage the launch of privileged account sessions and record all actions performed within.
  • Learn how the real-time monitoring and reporting functions in Password Manager Pro help organizations prepare for and meet regulatory audits around privileged access management.
Key Manager Plus
Gaining complete visibility over SSL and SSH environments.
  • Learn how to set up a central system to manage the entire life cycle of SSL certificates including discovery, the certificate signing process, deployment, and expiration.
  • See a demonstration of the native Let's Encrypt integration to learn how to perform all certificate management tasks from within Key Manager Plus.
  • Take control of the SSH key sprawl by learning how to set up a central repository to manage the complete life cycle of SSH keys including discovery, user mapping, deployment, and periodic rotation.
Endpoint Security
Strengthen your Endpoint Security Strategy!
  • Automate patch management to secure OSs and applications in your network.
  • Prevent data leak, enforce data encryption on devices.
  • Enforce security policies and restrictions to proactively protect the corporate data.
  • Security applications by prohibiting, blacklisting and whitelisting apps.
  • Master the best practises on endpoint security.
12:30pm - 1:30pm
1:30pm - 3:30pm

#track 1

ServiceDesk Plus
Transforming your service desk into a powerhouse of efficiency - Part 2
Request Life Cycle
Major Incident Management

#track 2

Netflow Analyzer and Network Configuration Manager
Control network device configuration, and perform in-depth traffic analysis.
  • Setting up and simplifying flow export.
  • Available traffic grouping options.
  • Configuring threshold-based alerts.
  • Customizing reports and troubleshooting with forensics.
  • Applying traffic shaping and policing.
  • Forecasting bandwidth capacity needs and generating bills.
  • Automating configuration backups.
  • Real-time change management, notifications, and alerts.
  • Executing configlets to troubleshoot remotely.
  • Staying compliant with custom policies (PCI and others).
Firewall Analyzer
Getting network activity insights and staying on top of all traffic logs.
Firewall log & network security management.
  • Manage firewall rules and policies.
  • Generate security and compliance reports.
  • Learn what insights firewall logs can give you.
  • Analyze multi-vendor firewall logs with Firewall Analyzer.
Applications Manager
How IT ops can monitor and troubleshoot a complex business infrastructure.
  • Automated application and service discovery; mapping dependencies.
  • Gaining deep performance insight into different components of applications and IT infrastructure.
  • Effectively isolating and resolving performance bottlenecks.
  • Automating corrective actions before end users are affected.
  • Reports and customizable dashboards.

#track 3

ADAudit Plus
Hybrid Active Directory: Get notified when security changes.
As organizations move from on-premises Active Directory to a hybrid Active Directory with Azure AD, the need to know about the current security configurations is even more important. Azure AD does not come with an easy-to-use monitoring and alerting system, just like on-premises AD fails to provide. However, the need to know when key privileges, groups, roles, and access change is essential. Derek Melber, Active Directory MVP, will show you which settings you need to monitor and set alerts for. You will leave this session with a list of tasks that will allow you to gain control of your hybrid AD security.
ADAudit Plus
Active Directory Security: Using AI and Logic to detect attacks.
Most attackers will take the path of least resistance when trying to breach your environment. Unfortunately most SIEM solutions fail to detect internal attacks where users have access and privileges. AI and User Behavior Analytics (UBA) can bridge this gap that traditional SIEMs fail. In this session, Derek Melber will guide you through real-world examples on how UBA can detect anomalies in user behavior, indicating your network is under attack.
Leveraging SIEM solutions: Alerting, correlation, and UEBA.
As SIEM solutions become more important for preventing attacks and alerting us of security changes in our network environment, we must know how to use each component. SIEM solutions continue to evolve and add solutions. From basic alerting triggered by an event to high-tech Artificial Intelligence and user and element behavior analysis (UEBA), knowing how to leverage each component of your SIEM will give you betting security insights and help you negate attacks. Derek Melber will guide you through the current solutions in SIEM solutions so you can get back to your office and implement them immediately.
3:30pm - 3:45pm
Coffee break
3:45pm - 5pm

#track 1

ServiceDesk Plus
Building an enterprise-grade ITAM system.

#track 2

Applications Manager
How DevOps can use Applications Manager to optimize application performance.
  • Leveraging synthetic transactions to capture end user interactions.
  • Monitoring the complete end user journey, from log in to log off.
  • Rest APIs, SOAP, and SSL certificates.
  • Troubleshooting common application performance issues such as CPU spikes and memory leaks.
  • Debugging transaction performance problems (including slow database calls).
Applications Manager
Monitor your Windows apps with Applications Manager
  • Learn how to gain real-time visibility into the health and performance of your Windows apps - both on premise and cloud.
  • Find out how to quickly troubleshoot common performance problems and avoid service degradation or outages.
AIOps empowers user experience and cloud monitoring.
  • Learn how Site24x7 gives the visibility to monitor the availability and performance of your websites and application from 100+ global locations. Get the real end user experience using Site24x7.
  • Monitoring your cloud / physical servers, applications, network devices, Logs and many more in one single solution.

#track 3

DataSecurity Plus
Ultimate protection for Windows file servers.
You will learn:
  • Change auditing for file servers.
  • Risk assessment - importance of data classification.
  • Access analysis for threat detection.
  • Detect and provide counter response to ransomware.
  • Getting in-depth insight into permissions modified on a confidential share.
EventLog Analyzer
Tracking security events with EventLog Analyzer.
  • Best practices for IT security auditing.
  • Crucial security events to watch out for in your network.
  • Configuring reporting and alerting in EventLog Analyzer.
5pm - 6pm
8am - 9am
Registration and welcome coffee
9am - 10:15am

#track 1

ServiceDesk Plus
Making sense of IT change management: Models, tips, and techniques.

#track 2

Endpoint Central
Automating patch management and securing web browsers to combat cyber-attacks.
In this session, learn how to:
  • Secure your computers from vulnerabilities.
  • Maintain system health.
  • Manage third-party applications.
  • Disable automatic updates.
  • Decline patches for legacy applications.
  • Push anti-virus and definition updates.
  • Use our SCCM plug-in for third-party patch management.
  • Secure web browsers to increase employee productivity.

#track 3

ADManager Plus
Security-driven Active Directory Management in 2019.
  • Improve standardization to avoid elevation of user privileges.
  • Maintain data integrity to reduce data pollution.
  • Trigger insightful AD queries without scripting.
  • Automate routine AD tasks for efficiency.
  • Delegate tasks instead of control or authority.
10:15am - 10:30am
Coffee break
10:30am - 12:30pm

#track 1

ServiceDesk Plus
Extensions, API, integrations, and more.
Building integrations to complement ServiceDesk Plus capabilities.
Extending ServiceDesk Plus capabilities with custom scripts.

#track 2

Endpoint Central
Software distribution made simple.
  • Creating software packages from templates.
  • Publishing software using the self-service portal.
  • Performing pre- and post-distribution activities.
  • Installing software for specific users.
  • Deploying business apps.
Remote control and advanced tools.
  • Measure the time technicians spend resolving help desk tickets.
  • Record remote sessions for documentation.
  • Enforce IT policies on desktops.
  • Notify users when MS Exchange Server is down.
Mobile Device Manager Plus
Explore enterprise mobility management.
  • Categorize profiles based on hierarchy.
  • Impose restrictions.
  • Secure mobile devices with stringent passcode.
  • Perform geotracking.
  • Lock and wipe devices remotely.
  • Manage email with Office 365 and Exchange ActiveSync.

#track 3

ServiceDesk Plus - Active Directory products integration.
Enabling your help desk to manage Active Directory users.
  • Integrate ADManager Plus with ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Create, delete, disable, and enable AD users—and reset users’ passwords - from ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Let your help desk provision users in AD, Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, and Skype for Business all at once using ADManager Plus templates.
  • Grant access permissions to authorized technicians by associating ADManager Plus roles with ServiceDesk Plus roles.
ServiceDesk Plus - Active Directory products integration.
Improving help desk efficiency with end user self-service.
  • Integrate ADSelfService Plus with ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Empower users with self-service password management for on-premises and cloud applications.
  • Automatically create tickets for users’ self-service actions in ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Simplify access to ServiceDesk Plus with single sign-on (SSO).
ADSelfService Plus
Prevent attacks by implementing Multi factor authentication and put password woes to rest.
  • Strengthen password self-service using the latest multi-factor authentication techniques.
  • Enforce centralized granular password policies across Active Directory and cloud applications.
  • Provide one-click access to cloud applications with Active Directory-based single sign-on.
  • Synchronize passwords between Active Directory and multiple cloud applications in real time.
RecoveryManager Plus
Active Directory OOPS! A real-world disaster recovery example.
We have made jokes about an administrator deleting “many AD objects on accident” for years. Well, this exact situation just occurred in early 2019, and it was no laughing matter! Derek got this call: “I just deleted 150 computer objects from Active Directory… and I have NO disaster recovery solution in place. What do I do?” Derek Melber will go through the steps he provided to solve this problem, as well as show you how you can be prepared to solve this issue in 3 steps!
12:30pm - 1:30pm
1:30pm - 3pm

#track 1

Analytics Plus
How to implement continuous service improvement in your help desk using analytics.
In this session, you will learn:
  • How to improve your resolution time, SLA compliance and service delivery.
  • How to monitor key factors that impact request resolution and SLA's.
  • Periodically compare past and current performance to ensure improvement over time.

#track 2

Endpoint Central
Effective IT asset management.
Learn how to completely manage your IT assets.
  • Manage MS Office licenses.
  • Control bandwidth spikes.
  • Restrict non-standard applications.
  • Proactively resolve hard disk space issues.
  • Identify computers with local admin accounts.
Configuration, USB, agent, and server management.

#track 3

ADAudit Plus
Understanding the indicators of compromise via security log events.
  • Why a tool for auditing Active Directory changes?.
  • Setting the right audit policies.
  • Top 5 security events to track in any organization.
  • Leveraging Machine learning to identify internal/external threats.
  • 3 must-watch events in Azure AD.
Exchange Reporter Plus
Hybrid exchange monitoring made simple.
  • Monitor the essential components of your Exchange server - in real time.
  • Monitor database availability group, replication health & database copy status.
  • Report and audit on hybrid exchange activities(Onpremise, O365,Exchange online).
  • Monitor Azure AD, Exchange Online, OneDrive & Skype for Business, Sway, Microsoft Teams, and more.
3pm - 3:15pm
Coffee break
3:15pm - 5pm

#track 1

ServiceDesk Plus
Expert tips and tricks for getting the most out of ServiceDesk Plus.
ServiceDesk Plus Roadmap.
A walk through of what is cooking - short, medium and long term roadmap of ServiceDesk Plus.

#track 2

OS Deployer
Desktop provisioning and OS deployment.
Learn more about automating OS imaging and deployment, including:
  • Centralized image capturing.
  • Online and offline imaging.
  • Deployment capabilities such as scheduled and manual deployment for bare-metal provisioning.
Endpoint Central
Integration with ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Log help desk tickets from managed computers.
  • Deploy software to resolve help desk tickets.
  • Integrate asset data to CMDB.
  • Establish advanced remote connection from ServiceDesk Plus.

#track 3

IT Security and Risk: recommendations to safe guard one's IT landscape with SIEM - Log360
  • Dealing with attacks: Auditing, compliance, and continuous monitoring are critical.
  • Setting up critical security alerts to detect potential threats in your network through Log360.
  • Understanding the modules within Log360.
Industry specific use cases
  • Self-Service Active Directory Group Subscription - An approval-based workflow.
  • Key benefits of real-time advanced Active Directory change audit reports.
  • In the event of a security attack, how to force all users to change their password upon next logon.
5pm - 6pm
Certification and wrap-up

Note: Agenda is subject to change

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What is ManageEngine Middle East UserConf?

ManageEngine Middle East UserConf is the two-day IT management event from ManageEngine. Our February event will focus on various IT management solutions ranging from IT service management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM), IT security management, End point management, and Active Directory for managing your IT infrastructure.

Can I have my questions answered at the event?

Yes, you can get all your questions answered. We have arranged one-on-one sessions as well.

Will there be opportunities to get hands-on answers to core product questions?

Yes, you can get answers to all your questions during product training sessions.

Is there a hashtag I can follow for all ManageEngine UserConf-related updates?

Yes, please make all UserConf updates with the #MEUserConf tag.

What time should I show up?

The event begins at 9am. Registration starts at 8am

Registration & logistics

Is it mandatory to take the certification exam?

Yes, you may take the ManageEngine certification exam at no extra cost.

Is it mandatory to take the certification exam?

No, it's not mandatory. If you do take the exam, we cannot guarantee that you'll pass by just attending this one-day session. Most likely, you will need hands-on experience on the product to pass the exam.

What should I bring to the conference?

To get the most out of the event, bring your laptop or mobile device or both. Several sessions are highly interactive.

Is there a dress code for the event?

The dress code is very relaxed. Casual or casual business attire is suggested.

Do you have on-the-spot registrations?

Yes, we do. After you arrive at the event, we'll check you in the registration desk.

I won't know until the last minute if I will be able to attend. Will you have enough seats if I decide to come at the last minute?

We have a limited number of seats. However, if tickets are available, you can register at any time - as long as the conference is still in session!

Will there be Wi-Fi at the event?

Yes. There will be Wi-Fi available throughout the entire event space.

Will you provide food at the event?

We will provide lunch. We will also provide tea and coffee during the breaks.

Do you plan to live stream the event?

Currently, we don't have plans to live stream the event.


How many products can I get certified?

Choose any one ManageEngine product and get certified as a ManageEngine Product Associate.

Can I take the certification exam on Day 1?

No, the exam will be conducted only on Day 2 from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Should I bring my laptop?

Yes, laptop is mandatory to take-up the certification exam.

When will I get my results?

We’ll email you the scorecard in a week’s time.

Will I receive a hard copy of the certificate?

No, we’ll email you the soft copy.


Where is ManageEngine UserConf being held?

We are hosting the event at The Address Dubai Marina.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Contact if you have any questions