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Growing customer demands, challenging economic conditions, and the entry of digital savvy competitors have forced financial organizations to rethink the way they traditionally operate.

Investing in the right technology will give organizations a digital advantage that can ensure better operational cost efficiency, drive innovation, navigate complex compliance requirements, and fuel growth.

The combination of automation, AI, data, hybrid cloud, and the right IT management solutions can power organizational IT to:

  • Modernize traditional banking and insurance operations
    Modernize traditional banking and insurance operations.
  • Enhance the customer and employee experience
    Enhance the customer and employee experience.
  • Ensure financial data protection
    Ensure financial data protection.
  • Reduce the risk of financial fraud and ensure compliance
    Reduce the risk of financial fraud and ensure compliance.
  • Develop secure and efficient payment systems
    Develop secure and efficient payment systems.
  • Leverage data analytics to optimize financial operations
    Leverage data analytics to optimize financial operations.

Transform your financial institution's IT to drive growth and healthier financial performance

Bank on smart operations

Automate processes and leverage AI to streamline your bank's operations and cut costs. Foster innovation by reducing the time your IT staff spends on repetitive tasks.

Use data analytics to derive patterns and optimize processes like inventory management, cyber risk analysis, decision-making, customer service, and more.

Drive digital transformation in your financial organization by adopting and managing a hybrid-cloud-based environment with the help of cloud management solutions.

Leverage AI Benefit from data analytics Manage your hybrid cloud

Bank on smart operations

Keep financial services resilient

Ensure high, reliable, and consistent availability of critical financial services across hybrid cloud environments.

Monitor the performance of critical applications to detect and resolve financial incidents promptly. Use predictive analytics to prevent application crashes, network bottlenecks, and other anomalies.

Conduct regular vulnerability testing, deploy firewalls, review and update hardware and software configurations, and patch your bank's endpoints periodically to address potential vulnerabilities.

Secure your network Secure your devices Enable quick service delivery

Keep financial services resilient

Safeguard financial data

Leverage SIEM capabilities, like user and entity behavior analytics and threat intelligence, to detect security risks in your banking operations, including insider threats, security breaches, ransomware attacks, and more. Use security orchestration, automation, and response solutions to mitigate security incidents quickly.

Protect financial data by monitoring access to sensitive files by enforcing multi-factor authentication and implementing necessary data backup and recovery processes.

Adopt the Zero Trust model to navigate the evolving threat landscape, demonstrate advanced security, and differentiate from competitors.

Leverage SIEM Adopt the Zero Trust model

Safeguard financial data

Deliver a delightful experience

Provide a seamless and secure online banking experience to differentiate from competitors. This means monitoring the website performance continuously to ensure faster response rates and minimum downtime.

Foster employee engagement and customer satisfaction by empowering them with self-service portals and by ensuring service and incident requests are addressed efficiently.

Facilitate the use of mobile devices to aid employee and customer convenience. And create a secure, flexible, and collaborative workplace for your distributed workforce to support hybrid work and promote productivity.

Enhance the employee experience Manage hybrid work environments

Deliver a delightful experience

Navigate compliance

Reduce the risk of financial data breaches by applying proven payment-related security practices and complying with mandatory data privacy regulations.

Comply with the PCI DSS, the GLBA, the GDPR, FISMA, SOX, and other mandates to help your financial organization create a secure environment, preserve customer trust, reduce the risk of data loss, avoid hefty fines, and operate more efficiently.

Comply with the PCI DSS More about compliance regulations

Navigate compliance

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