Free EC2 Health Monitor tool - Documents

Getting Started

The Free EC2 Health Monitor Tool helps the developer/administrator to collect and monitor the resource utilization of Amazon EC2 instances. This will help to make the operational and business decisions more quickly with greater confidence.

Login window

Please provide the Amazon EC2 credentials and HTTP proxy credentials (if required).

Amazon credentials

  • Secret Access Key - Secret Access Key Id of the Amazon EC2
  • Access Key ID - Access Key Id of the Amazon EC2

Proxy credentials

  • Proxy Host Name - Host name of the Proxy server
  • Proxy Port - Port of the Proxy
  • Proxy Username - Username of the Proxy Server
  • Proxy Password - Password of the Proxy Server

Click on the "Connect" button in order to connect the Amazon EC2 services.

If the connection to EC2 is successful, this tool populates all the Amazon EC2 instances in an elegant tree view.

By default, the first EC2 instance will be selected in the tree and the basic details will be displayed. The following details are presented for each selected EC2 instance.

  • InstanceId
  • Architecture
  • CloudWatch status(basic/detailed)
  • Zone
  • IPAddress
  • Instance status(stopped/running/pending)

And "Live Feed Data" will be selected by default and the performance metrics like (CPU Utilization, Network In, Network Out, Disk Read and Disk Write)of EC2 instance will be displayed graphically.

Tool monitors the metrics of EC2 instances and presents them in two views.

Live Feed Data

Please select one of the AMI instance in the left tree view and the basic details of EC2 instance is displayed. Default monitoring mode for each AMI is "Live Feed Data". This tool retrieves the data of EC2 instance from amazon periodically at every Data Fetch Interval (e.g., 30 seconds by default). This tool renders the past one hour data graphically.

It also provides an option to change the Data Fetch Interval value.

Data Fetch Interval

The time interval between successive data retrieval from AMI's is called Data Fetch Interval. The unit of the "data fetch interval" is seconds.

To modify the Data Fetch Interval, please enter the new value in the data fetch interval textbox (in Seconds). Then, click the "Reset" button, to update the data fetch interval. This will take effect from the next polling cycle. Minimum value of data fetch interval value is 30 seconds.

Historical Data

Tool monitors the performance parameters of an AMI for specific date and time interval (start date, end date, start time and end time)

To configure the historical data, select the Historical Data radio button in the window. It displays the start and end date and start and end time.

Please select the start date, start time, end date and end time and click the submit button. This will retrieve the data from the Amazon EC2 and displays the data for selected date and time in a graph. The maximum time interval allowed to collect data from amazon is two weeks and the minimum is ten minutes.

Scope of the Tool

Amazon EC2 stores two week's data for every instance. The maximum limit of tool is to collect the two week's data of EC2 instances and the minimum is one minute data for detailed monitoring and five minutes for basic monitoring.


To fetch the latest value of all the attributes of the EC2 instances, please click on "Refresh" icon.

To get technical assistance or to receive further details regarding EC2 Health Monitor tool, please contact