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Free Hyper V Configuration Tool
  • Free Hyper V Configuration Tool


    • Configure the VM resources such as CPU, RAM and Hard Disk
    • Get supported for all Hyper-V versions upto Hyper-V 2012 R2
    • Use the tool to expand the virtual hard disk space or clone the existing virtual hard disk
    • Set the boot sequence of Hyper-V VM's
    • Power on, Suspend, Power–off VM's from remote
    • Monitor the health of the host server in real-time
    Free Hyper V Configuration Tool
  • Quote

    Free Tools

    Free tools are a fantastic resource for companies on a limited budget and ManageEngine Tools are an excellent example. The more free tools a company provides, the more goodwill it develops with administrators in the trenches and when the need comes to purchase a product with more features, the company that provides is the first that comes to mind. Thanks for all you do for us and keep up the good work!

    - Greg Bruntzel,,
    Technical Consultant, Tech Help

  • Quote

    Free SNMP MIB Browser

    This is one of the best SNMP walk tools I have come across. Very easy to work with and for a freeware tool, the support guys are just amazing. I was just thinking if we buy a product the support will be top notch

    - Surendra,
    Team Lead, Cisco Systems

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  • Quote

    Free SNMP MIB Browser

    I have been working with the package for a couple of weeks now and it looks very good. I am using it to test a real time frequency and time agent for snmp v1, v2 and v3 and it's looking good. I am considering recommending that one or two other people here install the package

    - David Briggs,
    CEO, Precise Time and Frequency, Inc.

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  • Quote

    Free Windows Health Monitor

    Simple yet effective tool for a small medium organisation where very few IT users are manning more than a server. I was able to assess and take/initiate actions on disk, memory and CPU usage using Windows Health Monitor

    - Baaskar,
    IT Manager, Lavazza

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  • Quote

    Free WiFi Monitor Plus

    Good app! I used WiFi Monitor Plus! to quickly map out our WiFi setup, and enjoyed using the function to see which APs were interfering with others. I have previously used 'WiFi Analyzer' for jobs such as this, but the ManageEngine solution does provide a lot more functionality and granular detail, which is definitely useful to have

    - Charlie Smith,
    Technical Director at Charles Dhekelia Ltd

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  • Quote

    Free WiFi Monitor Plus

    One of my favorite features is that I can set the analyzer to show me all networks, or just 'best' networks. This is actually really handy if you are in a 'noisy' area. Kind of hard to make heads or tails of the data when there are several networks that are just barely in range clogging up the graphs. I also like in the wifi scan all the details you can get. We're IT - we love details!

    - Chris David,
    Solutions Implementation Specialist, Enterprise Bank & Trust

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Free Hyper-V Server Configuration Tool

Configure Hyper-V virtual server resources such as CPU, RAM,disk space, boot sequence and execute power operations of the virtual machines remotely using using the Free Hyper-V Configuration Tool. The tool also lets you monitor the host server's utilization details such as CPU, storage, memory and network Rx/Tx traffic in real-time.

Hyper-V Configuration - ManageEngine Free Tools

Configure Hyper-V Virtual Servers

  • Power Operation - Execute power operation such as on, off, pause and suspend on Hyper-V virtual servers
  • Boot Sequence - Change the start-up boot sequence of each Hyper-V virtual servers
  • CPU Configuration - Configure number of processors for each VM
  • RAM Configuration - Allocate RAM in 2 ways namely fixed and flexible. With fixed RAM allocation, you allocate a fixed cpapcity for each VM whereas with flexible RAM allocation, you can set memory buffer, minimum startup and maximum RAM values for each virtual machine
  • Hard Disk Configuration - Expand the hard disk size or clone the virtual hard disk in the same location
Hyper-V Host Server Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

Hyper-V Host Server Monitoring

  • View CPU utilization and usage distribution, memory, disk and network utilization of the host server
  • Get to know the host server OS version, the number of virtual servers running on the host machine and its up time