Free Ping Tool - Features

ManageEngine Free Ping Tool help administrators monitor the availability of servers, websites and other network devices using ICMP ping request. Using this tool, administrators ping and perform traceroute in real-time.

Monitor Servers, Websites and other Network Devices using ICMP ping

1. Monitor the availability of the servers, websites and other network devices

Keep a tab on the availability of websites, servers and other network devices. Color codes help identifying whether monitored devices are up and running.

2. Ping Success/Failure Count

Ping the device/website at specified time interval and view the ping success and failure counts in Ping Data table.

3. Host IP Address

Track the IP addresses of network devices in Ping Data table.

4. Round-trip time [ms]

Find the Round-trip time(RTT) to destination devices and websites. Ping Tool presents a graphical view of RTT over time.

5. Time-to-live (TTL) [Secs]

Find the time spent by ping packets in network before getting discarded. Ping Tool populates the Time-to-live data in the Ping Data table.

Find Traceroute Details

Troubleshoot routing problems by identfying the path taken to reach a particular destination on the network.Find the traceroute details of specific device by selecting it from the drop-down list in traceroute tab.

DNS Lookup

Fetch the DNS records of websites with ease. Here is a list of DNS record types fetched using Ping Tool:

  • A records
  • SOA records
  • MX records
  • NS records
  • Text records

Website Response Time Monitoring

Keep a tab on the response time of websites. Ping Tool presents a running graph of TCP connection time, redirection time and response time of websites.

Save And Email Traceroute Data

Take a snapshot of ping and trace route data in real-time and Email stakeholders from the tool.

Retain Settings:

IP address ⁄ Host name once entered in the tool are retained for subsequent use.