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Free SharePoint Health Monitor – Features

ManageEngine's "Free SharePoint Health Monitor" helps the administrator to monitor the SharePoint 2013 server, SharePoint 2010 Server and SharePoint 2007 Server Environment. The tool monitors the SharePoint environment such as SharePoint site response time, Current and Maximum connections of SharePoint web server, IIS server, MSSQL Servers and Host servers. Some of the features of the tool are,

  • Real-time SharePoint Environment performance monitoring tool.
  • Ensures IIS server, MSSQL server running state in the SharePoint Environment.
  • Alerts are shown in each view when resources are exceeded the threshold limit or servers are down in the network.
  • SharePoint Services running state
  • SharePoint Site response time is shown as a elegant real-time graph.
  • Generate and export reports

The Free SharePoint Monitor tool monitors the following important parameters.

Host Server Details:

CPU Utiilization

Monitors CPU usage at regular interval - It helps the administrator to know that if CPU's are running at full capacity or are they are underutilized. Maximum of four CPU can be monitor simultaneously.

Memory Utilization

Checks the Memory utilized at periodic intervals of your Host server. Alerts are shown, when the memory usage crosses the threshold values. The total memory and available memory size can be viewed.

Disk Utilization

Shows disk space availability. Alerts are shown, when the disk usage crosses the threshold values. Up to four partition can be monitored. The total disk space and free disk space can be viewed.

SharePoint Server Details


Current number of connections established with the web service are shown.


Maximum number of simultaneous connections established with the web service are shown.

SharePoint Site Response Time

The time elapsed between the request sent to the SharePoint Site and the response received from the SharePoint Site are populated.

SharePoint Service Monitoring

Search Service

Shows the SharePoint service used to search the data in the SharePoint database.

Timer Service

The SharePoint Service Timer, which is a service that runs other services according to schedules specified in the timer jobs.

Tracer Service

The SharePoint Service is used by WSS 3.0 to manage trace output of the call stack. If it enabled, the log will be generated in the administrator specified path.

Office Document Conversion Launcher Service

The Office Document Conversion Launcher Service launches the document conversion on an application server.

Office Document Conversion Load Balancer Service

Office Document Conversion Load Balancer Service manages the availability of document converters

Internet Information Services(IIS) Details:


The number of requests waiting to be processed.


The number of requests rejected because the request queue was full.

IIS Web Directories

List the path of the Web directories available in the IIS server.

MSSQL Details

Buffer Cache Hit Ratio

Percentage of pages found in the buffer cache without having to read from disk. It is preferred to be above 90%.

Free pages

Total number of pages on all free lists. Below 640 indicates that the SQL Server is running low on physical memory.

Page reads per second

Number of physical database page reads issued. 80 to 90 per second is normal.

Page writes per second

Number of physical database page writes issued per second. 80 to 90 per second is normal.

SQL Cache Memory

Total amount of dynamic memory the server is using for the dynamic SQL cache.