Free Windows Health Monitor

Windows Monitoring tool helps monitor all the Windows and Client server OS versions from a remote location. You can monitor up to 20 devices simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Monitor the performance of Windows system in real-time
  • Set critical and warning threshold limits
  • Generate performance reports and send email 

It helps view the following variables of a windows server

Windows Management Tool FeaturesParameters Monitored
Server Monitoring
  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Capacity
  • Memory Utilization
  • Available Memory
  • Total/Free Disk Space
  • Disk Read/Write
  • Device response time
Port Scanning and Configuration
  • Open ports in a specific range
  • Custom open ports
Traffic Status
  • Network utilization
  • Data Rx/Tx utilization
Dashboard ViewCPU, disk and memory utilization with color coded alerts for top 3 systems

Server Resource Details

View server details such as disk type, memory/RAM type, Operating System(OS), processor type and manufacturer information.

Port Scanning and Configuration

This tool scans for open ports in the server. It allows you to configure the settings by adding the port numbers which you want scanned or by specifying the from-port and to-port numbers details.

Report Generation and Email

Generate system CPU, memory, disk space, response time and network performance report in PDF format, and email the report from the tool.

Retaining Settings

All details entered in the setting page are retained. Hence you need not re-enter username password, domain and refresh interval when restarting the tool.