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Windows Monitoring Tool

ManageEngine Windows Health Monitor helps the administrators to monitors heterogeneous Windows network environment which comprises of Windows servers ,windows Desktops and application running on the servers. Tool's ability includes server performance monitoring to ensure the CPU Utilization, Memory, Disk , Bandwidth consumed by the servers are at optimal limits.

Windows monitoring with Windows Health Monitor

Windows Network monitoring

Windows Server Monitoring and Windows Desktop Monitoring

Windows servers monitoring in a network such as Windows 2003 server, Windows 2008 server, Windows 2008 R2 servers and also you can Monitor your Windows desktop machines such as WindowsXP, Windows Vista , Windows 7 in a network

Windows Health monitor tools monitors following performance indicators

CPU Utilization

Monitor CPU usage at regular interval - It helps to administrator to know that if CPUs are running at full capacity or are they are underutilized.

Memory Utilization

Checks the Memory utilized at periodic intervals of your windows system. Get alerted when the memory usage is high (or memory usage is dangerously low).

Disk Utilization

Maintain a margin of available disk space. Get notified when the disk space falls below the margin. Disk with partition views is also available.

Disk Read Rate

This parameter provides the average number of mega bytes read from the disk. This parameter is expressed in megabytes/sec.

Disk Write Rate

This parameter provides the average number of mega bytes written to the disk. This parameter is expressed in megabytes/sec.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Network Rx / Network Tx details

Rate at which traffic data are received and sent on the interface are captured and tool also shows Bandwidth of the network. This details will help the Administrator to pin point the load across the server and take calculated decision to reduce the load on the server by turning off few Process to reduce the network traffic.

Threshold Setting

Administrator can also set threshold values for CPU, Disk and Memory usage, like critical and warning thresholds. If the CPU and memory utilization of Windows server dangerously crosses the threshold limits, alert signals are shown in the dashboard view and Server Details view of the tool.

Dashboard View

The Free Windows Health Monitor tool has a Dashboard view to show the top 3 servers based on the Memory utilization, CPU usage, Disk utilization. If there are more than one logical drive and if this drive is among top 3 drives based on drive utilization, then this drive is shown as the top 3 utilized drive in dashboard. Similarly one server has more than one CPU, any one CPU is among top 3 utilized CPU among servers then this CPU is shown in the dashboard as top 3 utilized CPU. On clicking the server name in the Dashboard view , one can view the detailed server view.