Free Windows Service Monitor – Features

Free Windows Service Monitoring tool is a real time monitoring tool that helps monitor the Windows Services of servers from remote location.

Key Features

  • Monitor up to 3 servers simultaneously
  • Auto detect important windows services
  • Select/customize the windows services to monitor
  • Configure windows services startup type and status

Auto Detect Services

Once the tool makes connection with server, tool automatically detects the presence of  following services :

  1. MS Exchange Server
  2. MSSQL Server
  3. SharePoint Server
  4. MySQL Server
  5. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) services
  6. Telnet server services
  7. DHCP server

You can turn off monitoring certain services by un-checking the services in Settings page.

Monitor Services

The important parameters monitored in the all services are

  • Service Name
  • Description
  • Status - This field indicates the status of the services as Running, Stopped or Pending
  • Startup Type — This field indicates the start mode of the Windows Services such as Boot, Auto, Manual or Disabled
  • Logon As - This is the primary security identity that determines the granted access rights and privileges given to the local and network resources

Change the status of the services

Double-clicking / Right-clicking on any row will open the corresponding service details on a separate window. Configure Start Mode to automatic, manual or disabled and Status Type to Start, Stop or Restart.

Custom Services

This custom services option in the settings tab allows you to manually add five services in addition to the default services present.

Delete the server

Delete added server by clicking the delete button of the corresponding server in the settings page.

Refresh the server

View the current status of the services by clicking the refresh button. You can also set the refresh time interval.

Retaining the settings

When restarting the tool, it automatically connects with the servers and populates the services. Also the configurations modified in the settings page can be saved by using the Save config button.