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Reimagine how your government agency serves the public

Reimagine how your government agency serves the public

Public sector organizations have huge potential to deliver superior services to address evolving constituent and societal needs. By adopting digital technologies, building capabilities in infrastructure security, implementing workflow automation, and optimizing services, they can create a positive experience for the public.

Government agencies can leverage AI and ML technologies, low-code platforms, hyper-automation, analytics, and hybrid cloud infrastructures to:

  • Enhance critical infrastructure security
    Enhance critical infrastructure security
  • Improve the citizen experience
    Improve the citizen experience
  • Protect data of the public
    Protect data of the public
  • Modernize legacy systems
    Modernize legacy systems
  • Expedite customer service request resolution
    Expedite customer service request resolution
  • Make data-driven decisions
    Make data-driven decisions

Forge a secure, trustworthy, and efficient
agency to serve the public

Protect critical infrastructure

Government agencies posses assets, and systems that, when compromised, could lead to the disruption of essential public services such as power, telecommunications, transportation, water, etc. and affect national safety and economy.

Identify your critical service delivery components and prioritize actions to safeguard them based on your risk tolerance, business requirements, and resources, with the help of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Implement the Zero Trust security model to mitigate the risk of data breaches by reducing the exposure of sensitive information and the potential impact. Never trust and always verify every access requests to your system from any user, device, or application.

Implement the NIST Framework Achieve Zero Trust

Protect critical infrastructure

Enhance the citizen experience

Process large volumes of service requests and approvals from citizens by configuring intelligent, criteria-based automations to organize incoming tickets and assigning them to your available technicians.

Gain visibility into critical metrics such as CPU, memory, and storage to ensure the uptime and optimal performance of web and application servers that host essential services. Analyze seasonal traffic spikes in government websites, like income tax portals, and allocate sufficient resources in advance.

Analyze the growth of your user base and plan expansion of your infrastructure to support increasing workloads by predicting the requirements in both the short term and long term; thereby eliminating significant costs from late intervention.

Shorten service response time Ensure 24/7 service availability Predict growing user demand

Enhance the citizen experience

Safeguard the sensitive information of the public

Secure websites offering document and data digitization services from ransomware attacks and data breaches by providing real-time alerts for critical security events. Identify any external threats including malware, phishing, etc. with contextual threat feeds.

Locate sensitive information and monitor unauthorized access to detect exfiltration at the earliest stage. Protect data integrity by tracking access, deletion, modification, and permission changes to data.

Gain observability and enhance data security by leveraging our AI assistant to analyze your attack surface regularly and patch any vulnerabilities before threat actors can exploit points of attack.

Protect citizen data Prevent unauthorized access Eliminate weak spots

Safeguard the sensitive information of the public

Modernize your legacy systems

The legacy systems prevalent in many government agencies create limitations in terms of security, scalability, and compatibility. Move away from legacy technologies by leveraging low code platforms to rapidly build and deploy modern applications.

Understand the overall architecture of your legacy system and identify potential areas of improvement by viewing the complete relationship map with technical infrastructure components.

Move away from your on-premises, legacy IT applications and take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. Enhance IT interoperability by seamlessly integrating with our suite of cloud IT management solutions.

Build modern applications Discover modernization insights Harness the power of the cloud

Modernize your legacy systems

Empower your workforce

Deliver a seamless and secure end-user experience to your employees, even outside the corporate network perimeter. Protect your employee's endpoints with around the clock threat detection, automated patch deployment, ransomware protection, and data leak prevention.

Enable remote work for your employees without compromising on productivity and security by allowing users to access enterprise cloud applications with single sign-on, self-service password management, and access to sensitive resources through MFA.

Simplify service access by providing your workforce with self-service portals that have a built-in knowledge repository and a live support chat window.

Secure your workforce's endpoints Enable remote work Enhance the employee experience

Empower your workforce

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Northwind Technologies offers consulting services to build and run a secure and efficient IT infrastructure. It assists in conducting IT assessments as well as designing and implementing the latest technologies to simplify operations with proven solutions that deliver value to your business.

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