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Log analytics and configuration management software
for network security devices
Gaining network activity insights and keeping abreast about firewall log is a challenging task as the security tool generates a huge quantity of traffic logs. Introducing Firewall Analyzer, an agent less log analytics and configuration management software that helps network administrators to understand how bandwidth is being used in their network. Firewall Analyzer is vendor-agnostic and supports almost all open source and commercial network firewalls such as Check Point, Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Palo Alto and more,

Firewall Analyzer Supported Devices

Company Firewall/Version WELF Certified Other Log Format
Check Point Log import from all versions and
LEA support for R54 and above
VSX Firewalls - Virtual Edition supported
Palo Alto Palo Alto Firewalls PA 5000 series, PANOS 4.1.0 or later   Available
Cisco Systems Cisco Pix Secure Firewall v 6.x, 7.x,
Cisco ASA - Virtual Contexts supported
Cisco IOS 3005, 1900, 2911, 3925
Cisco FWSM - Virtual Contexts supported
Cisco VPN Concentrator
Cisco CSC-SSM Module v6.3.x or higher
Cisco IronPort Proxy
Cisco Botnet module
Cisco Meraki
Cisco SourceFire Available  
Fortinet FortiGate family , SSL VPN (v300A, v310B or later)
Webfilter, DLP, IPS modules, IPSec and VDOMs supported.
Available Available
Juniper Networks Juniper SRX series
SRX100, SRX210, SRX220, SRX240, SRX650, SRX1400, SRX3400, SRX3600, SRX5600, SRX5800
SRX - Security and Application logs, VDOM support
NetScreen series
NetScreen most versions of Web Filter & Spam Modules
IDP, SSL VPN series
4500 & 6500, New Format Logs
ISG series
6360, 8350 series
Available Available
SonicWALL Sonic OS 5.8.x and above (supports ' IPFIX with extensions ') Available  
WatchGuard All Firebox Models v5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 10.x, 11 or higher
Firebox X series, x550e, x10e, x1000, x750e or later
XTM version 11.9
Available Available
Huawei Huawei   Available
pfSense PfSense 2.2   Available
Cyberoam Cyberoam Firewall version: 9.5.4 or higher   Available
Sophos UTM 9.0 or later Available Available
Securepoint Securepoint UTM Firewalls   Available
Anchiva Secure Gateway Series 200, 500, 800, 1000, 2000 or higher   Available
Applied Identity Identiforce   Available
ARKOON Network Security ARKOON 2.20 or higher Available Available
3Com 3Com X-family Version or later
Earlier versions will work to a lesser extent
Aventail Extranet Center v3.0 or higher Available Available
AWStats Most versions   Available
Barracuda VF250 Version 5.4.1 or higher Available Available
BlueCoat SG Series, Proxy Server, Proxy SGOS   Available
Cimcor CimTrak Web Security Edition or later Available  
Clavister Most versions   Available
CyberGuard CyberGuard Firewall v4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1 or higher Available  
D-Link Most DFL versions   Available
Digital Arts i-Filter version 9(proxy)   Available
DP Firewalls DP Firewall 1000-GE or higher   Available
Electronic Consultants IPTables Firewall   Available
FreeBSD Most versions   Available
Funkwerk Enterprise Communications Funkwerk UTM   Available
Global Technologies Gnatbox (GB-1000) 3.3.0+ or higher Available  
Ingate Ingate firewall: 1200, 1400, 1800/1880 or later Available  
Inktomi Traffic Server, C?Class and E?Class Available  
IPCop IPCop Firewall Version 1.4.17 / 1.4.18 or higher Available  
Kerio Winroute   Available
Lenovo Security Technologies LeadSec   Available
Lucent Security Management Server V. 6.0.471 or higher Available  
(formerly Secure Computing)
SnapGear, SG580, Sidewinder (uses SEF Sidewinder Export Format),
Firewall Enterprise - Sidewinder (S4016)
Available Available
Microsoft Microsoft ISA (Firewall, Web Proxy, Packet Filter, Server 2006 VPN) or later
Server 2000 and 2004 or later,
W3C Log Format,
Threat Management Gateway (TMG)
NetApp NetCache   Available
NetASQ F10, F100 v3.x or higher Available  
NetFilter Linux Iptables   Available
Netopia S9500 Security Appliance v1.6 or higher Available  
Network-1 CyberwallPLUS-WS, CyberwallPLUS-SV or later Available  
Opzoon Firewall ISOS v5 or later   Available
Recourse Technologies ManHunt v1.2, 1.21 or higher Available  
Ruijie Firewall   Available
Snort Most versions   Available
Squid Project Squid Internet Object Cache v1.1, 2.x or higher Available  
St. Bernard Software iPrism 4.1, Proxy server 7110 Available  
Stonesoft Firewall version 5.5 or higher Available  
Sun Microsystems SunScreen Firewall v3.1 or higher Available  
Vyatta Vyatta Firewall -IPv4 Firewall, IPv6 Firewall, Zone-Based Firewall   Available
WebMarshal Most versions   Available
Zyxel Zywall Most versions Available  

Why Choose Firewall Analyzer

Unlock the real value of your security devices

  • Supports an extensive array of perimeter security device logs which include firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS and proxy servers
  • Provides a wide range of reports for external threat monitoring, change management and regulatory compliance

Attractive TCO and rapid ROI

  • No additional hardware required, minimal entry cost and maintenance inclusive subscription model ensures a low TCO
  • Competitively priced. Quick deployment, instant results, reduced IT overhead ensures rapid ROI

Meet dynamic business needs quickly

  • Rapidly transforms perimeter security device logs into actionable information
  • Generates reports in user friendly formats like PDF and CSV formats

Productivity improvement for IT / MSSP

  • From product deployment to report generation in minutes!
  • Real-time alerts to security events enable IT to respond instantaneously to security threats
Product Overview
  • Check out this video to know how easy it is to Automate Firewall Management and secure your network within no time.


5 Ways you can Strengthen and secure your network infrastructure with Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer is available in 2 Editions

  • Supports up to 60 Devices
  • Multi-vendor security devices support
  • Off-the-shelf monitoring for virtual firewalls
  • Proxy servers, & VPN devices
  • Security & bandwidth alerts & reports
  • Employee internet activity reports
  • Web-application usage reports
  • Firewall security audit reports
  • Configuration change management
  • Firewall rules management
  • Firewall connection diagnosis
  • Advanced alert management
  • AD & RADIUS user authentication
  • Supports up to 1200 Devices
  • All features of Premium Edition +
  • Scalable architecture
  • Monitors multi-geographical locations
  • Distributed central-collector architecture
  • Site specific reports
  • Web-client Rebranding
  • Client & user specific views