• Features

Schedule maintenance tasks.

Plan downtime to prevent unnecessary alerts.


Eliminate redundant alerts.

Schedule your downtime in AlarmsOne to stop receiving meaningless alerts when your IT is under maintenance. During scheduled downtime, AlarmsOne will continue to receive alarms but will not send out any notifications.

Configure application-based downtime.

You can add downtime to an application, website, server, printer, or other entity. Suspend alerts when you fix a faulty application or reinstate an entity. You can also choose to schedule downtime for all your entities at the same time.

Configure location-based downtime.

Carry out maintenance operations specific to a location that uses a particular AlarmsOne agent. Select the time zone of the location where the agent is deployed and select the time period for the downtime. This mutes notifications from every entity that uses that particular agent.

Save alert credits.

Configure downtime and mute unwanted notifications to save alert credits so you can use them at another time.