Highlights of DataSecurity Plus' USB tracking software.


    Data leak prevention

    Block business-critical data from being copied to USB devices.


    Granular device visibility

    Be aware of who is using what device to do what and when.


    Assorted device compatibility

    Monitor multiple external storage devices, including USBs, printers, and cameras.

Key capabilities of USB device tracking with DataSecurity Plus.

Unimpeded device visibility.

  • Track device usage

    Monitor, track, and analyze your entire organization’s removable device usage, including data transfers to and from USBs.

    locate ROT data stored in your domain
  • Detect anomalous usage

    Identify and report when large files, certain file types, or files containing high-risk content are moved to USB devices.

    identify misuse of enterprise storage
  • Perform forensic analysis faster

    Identify the source, hostname, and time of all USB device events, and perform forensic analysis as and when needed.

    find duplicate files
Track device usage
Detect anomalous usage
Perform forensic analysis faster
Generate USB alerts in real time
Write-protect removable media
Lock down removable media

Stop sensitive data leaks.

  • Generate USB alerts in real time

    Receive real-time alerts when business-critical files are moved to external storage media, including mobile devices and USBs.

    Generate USB alerts in real time
  • Write-protect removable media

    Use predefined data leak prevention policies to secure your sensitive data against inadvertent data loss.

    Write-protect removable media
  • Lock down removable media

    Quickly respond to malicious behavior by blocking users from moving sensitive data to USBs, preventing potential data theft.

    Lock down removable media

Ensure safe usage of removable media across your organization with USB device tracking.

  • USB activity monitor USB activity monitor
  • USB alert software USB alert software
  • No more data theft via USB No more data theft via USB
Know your connected devices

Spot when a device is plugged in, and generate actionable reports for all critical file movements to and from it.

Quick forensics

In the event of a security incident, quickly identify the source, event time, location, and more to perform forensic analysis as needed.

Analyze ROT data
Notified and reported

Generate instant alerts on anomalies, maintain a complete inventory of all file activities made on USB devices, and generate clear, concise audit records.

Find Duplicate files
Seal USB ports against insiders

Block USB ports indefinitely in response to suspicious user behavior, such as permission escalations or sudden spikes in file modifications.

Script your response

In response to malicious user activity, you can also disable user accounts, terminate network sessions, or execute scripts tailored to your needs.

Reduce storage costs

Other features offered by DataSecurity Plus


Data Leak Prevention

Detect, disrupt, and prevent sensitive data leaks via endpoints, i.e., USBs, email.

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Data Risk Assessment

Analyze file content and context, and classify files based on vulnerability.

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Combat Ransomware

Detect and shut down ransomware attack right at inception with an automated threat response mechanism, and get notified with instant, user-defined alerts.

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File Integrity Monitoring

Identify and respond to potential security threats, and safeguard critical data by monitoring file accesses and modifications in real time.

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File Access Auditing

Obtain detailed information on the four ws who accessed what, when, and form where for all files accesses and modifications.

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Permission Analyzer

Identify overexposed files and files with inconsistent permissions, and find out who has access to modify sensitive files.

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