Free Windows Server Monitor - iPhone App

Have you ever wished to keep a tab on the Windows servers and the services running on them even as you are on the move? Break free from your desk and make your IT management seamless with the Windows Server iPhone app. The iPhone app helps monitor the availability of servers using ICMP Ping and also let's you configure monitors for Windows services. This tool supports Windows 7,8 & 10. You can now keep a tab on Windows services on the go and reboot Windows servers remotely from your iPhone.

Monitor Windows Servers

Monitor server availability

  • Check server availability without using console based ping commands. Using this app, ping your Windows servers and desktops directly from your iPhone.

Monitor Windows Services

  • Upon establishing connection with the server, the app auto detects the services running on the server and lists them along with their status. Choose a specific service easily by using the search services option.

Configure Windows Services

  • Configure the status of services to start/stop/restart remotely using this app. Change the startup mode of the Windows services to auto/manual/disable right from your iPhone.

Shutdown/Restart Windows Servers

  • Shutdown or restart Windows servers remotely using this app. Configure the startup type from your iPhone.

Mark as favorite

  • Add unlimited servers for monitoring and easily locate your critical servers from the list by marking them as favorites. You get a separate list view of servers that are marked as favorites. The app also lets you search for a specific server from the list.

Server Health Monitoring Software

OpManager's server monitoring capabilities, offer advanced server health and performance monitoring for your entire IT and offers detailed insights on each and every factor that contributes to a healthy server infrastructure.

Device Availability Monitoring
Device Availability Monitoring
Device Availability Monitoring
  • Multi-vendor server health monitoring with support for over 250+ server models.
  • Advanced capacity forecasting and resource utilization monitoring to ensure your servers perform at an optimal level.
  • Intuitive dashboard with over 90 widgets.
  • Auto-discovery of the entire server infrastructure and advanced network virtualization support.
  • Monitor virtual and physical servers health with multi-level thresholds for alerts.
  • Windows server health monitor for intensive health and performance monitoring of your Windows servers.
  • Unix, Solaris and Linux server health monitor support.