Working with Analytics Plus

Getting started with ManageEngine Analytics Plus

ManageEngine Analytics Plus is a business intelligence and advanced analytics solution that helps you to easily analyze your IT data and create insightful reports & dashboards for informed decision-making.

The following video introduces you to a number of useful functions and concepts that will help you get started with ManageEngine Analytics Plus. 

Basic concepts of Analytics Plus


Analytics Plus stores your data sets in entities called tables. Each table contains a set of columns and rows (similar to a spreadsheet), and each column has a name and a data type associated with it. 


Formulas are calculations that help you derive key business metrics that can be used in reporting and analysis. Analytics Plus provides a powerful formula engine to create any type of calculations required in creating the required reports.

The following is a summary of the various types of formulas that are supported by ManageEngine Analytics Plus:

  • Custom Formula Columns: You can define any powerful mathematical formula which uses the columns in combination with operators and in-built functions. The output of these formulas will be added as new columns to the table.

  • Aggregate Formulas: These formula types use aggregate functions (sum, average, etc.) in the calculation and are generally used to derive business metrics. The result of Aggregate Formulas will not be added as another column to the base table, but can be used while creating reports.


Analytics Plus offers a wide variety of reporting options such as charts, pivot tables, summary views and tabular views. These reports can be built easily using the intuitive drag and drop interface. There are a wide range of customization options available to customize charts to fit your needs. To learn more about reports, click here


A dashboard is an effective way of organizing reports into single page for a quick insight into the key metrics. Analytics Plus provides a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface for creating dashboards in minutes. You can easily create a visually rich and interactive dashboard by adding reports, widgets, user filters, and rich-formatted text in single or double column layout. 

Analytics Plus also offers a widget-based model for adding single numbered widgets and chart type widgets within dashboards. These are called KPI Widgets, and they are used to highlight any key metrics in a dashboard for easy comprehension. These key metrics can also be accompanied with associated comparison indicators to highlight trends.

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