Enterprise Network Monitoring

OpManager Plus is an enterprise network monitoring software which monitors the health, availability, and performance of your network in real time. With both proactive and reactive enterprise network monitoring techniques, OpManager Plus helps you optimize network performance and achieve an error-free network.

Enterprise network performance monitoring

Enterprise Network Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

OpManager Plus, a real-time and powerful hybrid network monitoring solution helps in monitoring critical metrics about health, availability, and status of your hybrid network and devices, including:

  • Packet loss
  • Response time
  • CPU, memory, and disk space utilization
  • Errors and discards
  • Network traffic via SNMP

Hardware monitoring

In-depth enterprise server monitoring features let efficiently monitor the health of servers and your other network devices like routers, switches, and firewalls. With OpManager Plus you can,

  • Identify performance issues caused by hardware errors.
  • Monitor hardware metrics like power, temperature, and voltage.
  • Optimize resource allocation and capacity planning.

WAN and VoIP monitoring

Enterprise Network Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

With network monitoring tools like OpManager Plus, you can leverage Cisco IPSLA to monitor WAN and VoIP links. It visualizes WAN and VoIP paths, resolves outages, and diagnoses poor performance. With OpManager Plus' WAN RTT monitor, you can:

  • Visualize WAN links and identify poor connections.
  • Measure round trip time and reduce MTTR with link availability and detailed statistic reports.
  • Monitor jitter, latency, MOS, and packet loss for VoIP links.
  • Analyze historical trend reports for improved capacity planning.

Built-in network troubleshooting tools

Enterprise Network Monitoring Software - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Combat network faults using built-in enterprise network monitor for first and second-level troubleshooting:

ICMP Ping: Availability is the first thing to check when a device fails, so the ping tool identifies whether a device is reachable or not and its response time.

Traceroute: The traceroute tool determines whether a device is unavailable because of a failure in its path, and identifies the exact location where the connection was cut off. Trace the route from OpManager Plus, an eff to the destination device, check the number of hops to the monitored device, and spot the exact point of a delay or outage.

Switch Port Mapper: This tool visualizes device ports' connection to your network switches, including the MAC address, IP address, and DNS name of the devices connected to the switch.

SNMP MIB Browser: The MIB Browser tool is a complete SNMP MIB browser that enables loading and browsing of MIBs and performs all SNMP-related operations. 

Telnet/SSH: This tool establishes command-line interface (CLI) connections to Unix and Linux devices. It assists in troubleshooting by restarting a service, killing a process that's unresponsive, and lets you act immediately on CLI commands.


Looking for a dedicated enterprise network monitoring solutions to manage your network? Learn more about ManageEngine OpManager.

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