ITOM Security Recommendations

MangeEngine ITOM products manage your IT operations from a central location. In this page we will provide you with some tips and tricks to harden your product security.

Note: Update your Product to the latest build.

Secure access to your ITOM product

Follow the Security Settings given below to secure access to your ITOM product.

Common Security Settings

  •  Enable Secure Login (HTTPS)

    All communication between the product server and the agents will take place using the HTTPS protocol after this option is enabled. Click here to learn more.

  •  Use Third Party SSL Certificate

    It is recommended to configure ITOM Products using a trusted third party certificate to ensure secured connections. However, for secured communication using HTTPS, a default certificate will be provided along with the server. Click here to learn more about SSL.

  •  Enable Two Factor Authentication

    Having a second level of authentication ensures that unauthorized access is prevented. Click here to learn how to configure Two Factor Authentication. 

  •  Set a Complex Password

    Setting a complex password policy allows users to configure unique passwords that are tough to crack. The more complex a password policy is, the more combinations there will be. Learn more about Password Policy here.

  •  Configure the domain details with LDAPS feature

    Configuring domain details with LDAPS enabled allows secure communication with domain controllers. Click here to learn more. 

  •  Enable Data Protection

    Enable Data Protection in security settings to access scheduled reports securely. To enable Data Protection, go to Settings -> Security Settings -> Data Protection.

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